It’s only fair to share…From the foreword by Jonathon Wright: “In the digital economy, every business is a software business, and the software landscape is changing forever. The traditional Core IT approach to providing business value through lengthy plan-build-test-deploy cycles can no longer deliver value in an increasingly competitive, consumer-centric landscape. Merely compressing these cycles through adopting iterative or agile methods does not address the challenges organisations face in terms of innovation, speed to market, quality and resilience. Shifting to an Adaptive IT model calls for a new practice that requires accelerated communication, collaboration, integration, measurement and automation. Whether you label this as Digital Transformation, understanding the detail of this journey is an essential part of every organisation’s journey to becoming[…]

It’s only fair to share…The Test Management Forum was set up in 2004 and the first meeting took place on 28 January of that year. We have run events every quarter since then, and the 53rd and latest meeting took place at the end of January. Over 2,600 people have attended the London events over the years. Although most Forum attendees come from the UK, the website has approaching 10,000 registered users worldwide and the LinkedIn group 11,800 members. The TMF continues to be a popular Forum with a global (and not just a UK) influence. The original aim of the Forum was to bring together more senior practitioners, to network and share knowledge. The core of the Forum[…]

It’s only fair to share…Last month, I presented a webinar for the EuroSTAR conference. “New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool” can be seen below. To see it, you have to enter some details – this is not under my control, but the EuroSTAR conference folk. You can see the slides below. The value of documentation prepared in structured/waterfall or agile projects is often of dubious value. In structured projects, the planning documentation is prepared in a knowledge vacuum – where the requirements are not stable, and the system under test is not available. In agile projects – where time is short and other priorities exist – not much may get written down anyway. I believe the only test documentation that[…]