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My Review of Testing - August 2004

I came across an article that I wrote in August 2004. I think I wrote it for the BCS SIGIST Tester newsletter. For (my own) historical record, I thought I would post it to the website.

It's a 'Personal Review of the Testing Market'. I don't offer it here as a visionary statement but just as something that can be used to provide a partial perspective on how far (or how little, depending on your point of view) we have come in the last decade or so.

Video: Value of Testing (and New Model)

The nice folk at Testing Cup in Poland have posted a video of my keynote on You tube.

I originally gave a EuroSTAR keynote in 2002 titled 'What is the Value of Testing and how can we improve it?'. This talk brings the topic up to date but also introduces the New Model Testing that I'm working on at the moment. 

I've written a  paper that describes New Model Testing that can be downloaded here.

Testing Cup (Poland)

It seems like testing competitions are all the rage nowadays. I was really pleased to be invited to the Testing Cup in Poland in early June this year. The competition was followed by a full day conference at which I gave a keynote - The Value of Testing - and you can see a video of that here.

The competition was really impressive with nearly 300 people taking part in the team and individual competitions. Here's a nice video (with English subtitles).

What's New in Testing (for me)

At the Unicom NextGen Testing show on 26th June, ( I'll be pitching some ideas for where the testing world is going - in around 15 minutes. I thought I'd lay the groundwork for that short talk with a blog that sets out what I've been working on for the past few months. These things might not all be new in the industry, but I think they will become increasingly important to the testing community.

Internet of Everything - What is it and how will it affect you (Part 1)

Some weeks back I presented a webinar about the Internet of Everything, with special focus on what the concept is and how it is going to affect us. 

This was the first of the webinars based on the article series that I am writing for Tea-time with Testers further articles and webinars will be appearing soon.

Tea-Time with Testers - Testing the Internet of Everything

I'm working with Lalitkumar who edits the Tea Time With Testers online magazine. It has a large circulation and I've agreed to write an article series for him on 'Testing the Internet of Everything'. I'll also be presenting webinars to go with the articles, the first of which is here: It takes place on Saturday 19 April at 15.30pm. An unusual time - but there you go.