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New Model Testing at the BBC

In April, the BBC asked me to pitch an 'interesting talk' to an audience at the BBC Radio theatre in Portland Place, London. The BBC was running a Digital Open Day aimed at recruiting people.

My contribution was an introduction to the New Model for Testing and you can play the video here.

How to Test the Internet of Everything video

At the end of May I spent a very pleasant few days in Minsk, Belarus at the SQA Days conference. Many thanks to Vladislav Orlikov for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to visit a new country and meet a lot of very nice and smart people.

Vlad sent me a link to the video of my Keynote and you can see it below. The background noise is mostly the sound of the simultaneous translation, which diminishes a few minutes into the video.

Big Data: What is it and why all the fuss?

Big Data seems to be the latest buzzword that seems to be trending.

The term has been around for a while but now, the largest corporations are promoting Big Data products and services very strongly, so something big is on the horizon. Right now, it still looks like a load of hype, but scratching beneath the surface, it seems to me that it has the potential to affect every person in society and there's no getting away from it. What is all the fuss about?

Big Data isn't really just about 'big'. Depending on who you ask, mnemonics "V3" or "V4" summarise it well.

    My Review of Testing - August 2004

    I came across an article that I wrote in August 2004. I think I wrote it for the BCS SIGIST Tester newsletter. For (my own) historical record, I thought I would post it to the website.

    It's a 'Personal Review of the Testing Market'. I don't offer it here as a visionary statement but just as something that can be used to provide a partial perspective on how far (or how little, depending on your point of view) we have come in the last decade or so.