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New Model for Testing

I have several variations of the "New Model" talk. This is the keynote I gave at German Testing Day.

Exploring v Testing:The New Paradigm for Testing

Testing the Internet of Things, Testing the Internet of Everything

I Have written a three article series on the IoT and how to test it:

The Internet of Everything  – What is it and how will it affect you?

Internet of Everything  – Architecture and Risks

Internet of Everything – Test Strategy

Big Data, Test Analytics

Thinking Big: Introducing Test Analytics. This article appeared in the October 2013 Edition of Professional Tester magazine.

General Presentations

The Pursuit of Quality: Are we Chasing Tornadoes or is it Just Hot Air? this is a powerpoint plus audio movie of a talk on quality and test models that Paul presented in Austria in May 2011.

The Value of Testing

What Is the Value of Testing and How Can We Increase It? This is a Keynote presentation given by Paul at Eurostar 2002 in Edinburgh. Still relevant.

Regression Testing and Automation

One of two presentations at the fourth Test Management Summit in London on 27 January 2010. Some deep-seated frustrations with regression testing and automation are expressed in this talk. It caused quite a stir. Regression Testing - What to Automate and How. A series of articles have been written for the Eurostar newlestter. Entitled: Anti-Regression Approaches: Impact Analysis and Regression Testing Compared and Combined these are the articles:

Part I: Introduction and Impact Analysis

Part II: Regression Prevention and Detection Using Static Techniques

Part III: Regression Testing

Part IV: Automated Regression Testing

Test Axioms etc.

Test Axioms as Thinking Tools Advancing Testing Using Axioms

Future of Testing, Trends etc.

Innovative Testing PRactices (27 January 2010)

Future of Testing (9 October 2008)

Trends in the Testing Marketplace - Testers Will Have to Change - but How? (Oct 2007 PPT file)

ERP and SAP Testing

Test Methods and Tools for ERP Implementations

sing Lessons Learned to Challenge ERP Projects (PDF)

Risk-Based Testing

Introduction to Risk-Based Testing

resentation to SAST on Risk-Based Testing (Powerpoint PPT file)

Risk - The New Language of E-business Testing


Test Process Improvement - What can be improved?(PDF)

Software Success Improvement presentation (ppt)

Developing Testers

Developing Testers - What Can We Learn From Athletes?

Project Assurance

Managing Projects with Intelligence - This paper documents (at long last) some of the conference keynote talks Paul has given over the last two years that describe the concept of Project Intelligence (PI). The PI concept aims to give project and stakeholder management visibility of project risks, their intermediate and final goals and progress towards them.

Risk-Based Test Reporting- An overview of the value of reporting test progress with reference to risk.

E-Business, Client/Server Testing

Paul Gerrard has written a book with Neil Thompson entitled Risk-Based E-Business Testing describing the principles involved in RB Testing, a practical approach to RB testing on E-Business projects and feedback from usage on real projects.

Download Chapter 13 - an overview of the techniques and tools for performance, stress, soak/reliability and availability testing.

Visit the official website for the book.

Risk-Based E-Business Testing (pdf 88kb) Part 1.Risks and Test Strategy. The original paper describing a risk-based approach to E-Business Test Strategy.

Risk-Based E-Business Testing (pdf 1.3Mb) Part 2.Test Techniques and Tools. Part 2 of the paper presents comprehensive descriptions of twenty techniques for testing E-business applications. (38 pages in length).

E-Business Testing (PDF) An overview of the risks and an approach to testing, which involves 20 types of test, integrated into a comprehensive test process.

Client/Server Test Strategies A short article.

Tester Knowledge Base

Tester Knowledge Base, Introduction and White Paper

Computer Aided Software Testing

Tools for Testing Web Based Systems

Selecting and Implementing a CAST Tool

Tools Selection and Implementation (PDF) What can test execution tools do for you? The main stages of tool selection and implementation, and a warning: Success may not mean what you think!

Articles for various channels

Shorter pieces, written for various magazines, websites, Speciali interest Groups and trad papers.

Testing Methodologies

A Unified Approach to System Functional Testing. This paper, written by Paul Gerrard was presented to the EuroSTAR Conference in London, October 1993. Introducing the W-Model Paul Herzlich introduced the W-Model approach at the same EuroSTAR conference in 1993. The W-Model attempts to address shortcomings in the V-Model. Rather than focus on specific dynamic test stages, as the V-Model does, the W-Model focuses on the development products themselves. Essentially, every development activity that produces a work product is “shadowed” by a test activity.

Test Techniques

Testing Requirements. This paper, was presented to the EuroSTAR Conference in Brussels, October 1994.

Business Simulation Testing - This paper presents approaches for Business Scenario Walkthroughs and Business Simulation Testing.

Client/Server Performance Testing This paper, written by Paul Gerrard was presented to the EuroSTAR Conference in London, November 1995 and won the prize for 'Best Presentation'. Last, but by no means least...


Testing GUI Applications This paper, written by Paul Gerrard was presented to the EuroSTAR Conference in Edinburgh, November 1997. This is the most popular and downloaded paper on this site, which tells you that perhaps the art of GUI testing hasn't moved on that much in the last ten years?

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