It’s impartially putting all reactions of Hindus written here in the comments to give a picture of how bias against Indian ethics can be answered with a broader view point. NOTE – SITA’S NOSE WAS IN RAVANA’S LAP ! They are 180per cent aware of a water crisis emerging soon, another virus and the viciousness of Chinese hegemony, economic woes…. * popular among women of Aryavart Also read: After Ramayan and Mahabharat, now Shri Krishna to return on DD. For the first, they obliterated any mention of swayamvar and insinuated that Subhadra and Arjun reciprocated each other’s desires. Sita’s face with her beautiful nose on Ravana’s lap and not on Rama’s, shone no more like a lotus without its stalk. dindooohindoo ! I am sure you would post your action taken on this same URL. Am just curious if any wrote this kind of critical piece about khuran, would THE PRINT will print this . It also meant that the Subhadra episode had to appear harmless. Do the different narrations by Print here say anything at all save two scholars of history are working in distant Canada to rewrite their versons of Subhadra’s “plight”. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. She was revered and loved by all her husbands (Bhawalkar 68-69). and most importantly Arjuna had always followed what said it’s right . The coronavirus lockdown in India has revived the Ramayan and Mahabharat series on Doordarshan for a younger generation, and has reinforced the collective silencing of Subhadra’s story, rather than ‘wronged’ Draupadi or Sita’s. Does that make Subhadra tormented? Still, he was cursed by Krishna. These guys of the Europe and the Middle East used to come and pay in Gold and buy goods made in India as they did not even have industry to make cloths. Whole city financed Old man’s pilgrimage as they will be all satisfied by her. Mahabharat has several sub-plots, many of which are not adequately elaborated in the epic itself, but find detailing in other historical scriptures, for example Bhagvat Puran. it here gain, bogus writers surviving on creating confusions and earning their living would come up and say… Chuslam is the threat to humanity, the world is recognising the evil who is in a pact with naxali and Marxists to wipe out humanity and establish islamofascism the new version of nazism, kisi RSS ya BJP wale ne halala kiya tha ghar me? Then came the fateful day of her swayamwar, where both Karna and Arjuna showed up to win her. As is the mark of all great Kavis, Vyasa and later poets seem to deliberately keep ambiguity regarding the matter of greatness. Arjuna's son, Abhimanyu, was killed by Karna and all the other Maharathis (great warriors) present there, within the Chakravyuha that they trapped him in. In the morning he told these things to a Gandharva, Chitrasena who he had befriended. In a largely feudal and patriarchal mindset it never mattered whether Subhadra was abducted or not and Lord Krishna’s role in it. ” misery”? Brahmanal Social Order – you must know nigher Sri Krishna or Arjuna were Brahmins. Write about them who don’t even give women equal status in their literature. Oil prices crashed your desert masters are broke – and funds to pay for your mischief making Are drying up…. It is Krishna’s wife Satyabhama who is abducted by a Gau Singh, and it is her that Arjun saves. Everytime I hear these stories, I wonder about the master story teller. Absolutely correct. Great to know you care! When Arjuna kills him through treachery on the twelfth day of the war, Bhishma’s brothers (the Vasus, celestial beings) curse him. Her heart was stuck to Karna but King wanted her to choose Arjuna. Then Indra, Arjuna’s father, came in a spacecraft and took Arjuna with him to his abode Amaravati. There is an old saying that one shouldn’t keep the Mahabharata in their home. Has there been any article on prophet Mohammad’s wife? If editor feels otherwise let them post similar article about Muslim Prophet being pedophile.. Bhima vows to cut off Dushasana's hands one day in battle. IT IS IN MANY INDIAN LANGUAGES, HE HAS DONE RESEARCH ON THIS SUBJECT FOR MORE THAN 10 YEARS AND IS A DOCRATE SCHOLAR IN THIS SUBJECT, HE SAYS THAT ARJUN AGREED TO ALL THE CONDITIONS PUT FORTH BY SUBBADRA ONE DAY BEFORE , LIKE SHE CANNOT BE A WIFE FOR ALL THE FIVE BROTHERS AND THEIR SON SHOULD ATTAIN THE THRONE , AND HE SHOULD ABSTAIN FROM SLEEPING WITH DRAUPADI AFTER THEIR MARRIAGE, SINCE EVEN AFTER THAT KRISHNA AND ARJUN WHERE NOT SURE ABOUT WHOM SHE WILL GARLAND THE NEXT DAY AND WAS OF THE IMPRESSION THAT BALARAM COULD DO SOME MISCHEIF, IT WAS ARJUNA’S THOUGHT AND KRISHNA ONLY SUGGESTED THE ALTERNATE BEST CASE SCENARIO , IN THE END TO UPHOLD DHARMA U HAVE TO SOME TIME DO ADHARMA ALSO, LIKE HOW POLICE SOMETIMES TAKE LAW IN THEIR HAND AND ENCOUNTER A KNOWN TERRIOSIT, BOTH AGREED AND DECIDED TO ELOPE HER , THE DISCUSSION AMONG THE YADAV CHEIF’S IS WONDERFUL THE NEXT DAY, FINALLY KRISHNA CONVINCE THAT WHAT ARJUNA DID AS A KSHATRIYA IS NOT WRONG. The Pashupatastra was the most powerful weapon in those days. The authors are graduate students of history and art history at Mcgill University and the University of Wisconsin Madison. By building a Shrine to Draupadi, daughter of Agni to bring an end up on the wrath of Kannagi’s curse. Such a simple explanation. These institutions have their own vested interests, ideologies and agenda – which they cleverly peddle using the substantial resources at their disposal. This curse comes to pass during the battle between Arjuna and Babruvahana. Book III : Aranya Kanda – The Forest Trek, तस्यास्तत्सुनसं वक्त्रमाकाशे रावणाङ्कगम्।, न रराज विना रामं विनालमिव पङ्कजम्।।3.52.18।।. What is the chance that Subhadhra was not already and actually liking Arjuna as mentioned in Bhagwat Purana? A son, whom they named Babruvahana, was soon born to the couple. With Krishna’s approval, Arjun abducts Subhadra (fig. Draupadi decides to curse the Kuru family. The answer is a resounding No. Her heart was stuck to Karna but King wanted her to choose Arjuna. Thus to get her married according to her own consent she was told to drive Arjuna’s chariot herself.. Bhagavat Purana is also composed by VYASA who is the composer of Mahabharata as well.. 2). When you hear a story or see a movie – take the good and leave the bad – did your elders did not teach that? In love and war, there is no rule, if you have truly loved anyone you will understand, what is Love. Prabhu has the intelligence, technology, resources of 3M and capabilities to think out of the box. That YOU make the point fearlessly establishes that Hinduism, as a way of life, is eternally evolving. Moreover, writers are not expert on these or have come across anyone knowledgeable about it. Whether happened or unhappened as we always picturisation done by flaws or flawless isn’t be aQ of discussion. Also Mahabharata is never a story to portray anyone’s good image.. it was end of dwapar youga and beginning of Kaliyuga and things are shown how dharma is suppose to get more and more maligned in the coming times. By this time, however, the authors had written themselves into a corner. The “Print” – बस नाम ही काफी है। Any article by Print should straight away go to the Dustbin. The most dangerous statements are those lies with an ounce of truth of fake references. You have said “The authors are presently working on the novelised retelling of Subhadra’s abduction. When the Mahabharata acquired a national status in the colonial period, Abhimanyu and Arjun were reinvented as national heroes. Yes Hinduism is evolving. Draupadi never cursed Arjuna. Hi Web Editor: I dare you to write a similar piece about a Muslim/ Christian Holy books. It’s kaliyuga.. And that’s why many are hinduphobic, Subhadra is an incarnation of Vishnu’s yogmaya. Discuss about something else of importance, What’s purana says; what are the realities; these all has come through memorization . Long after the battle of Kurukshetra, Yudhishthira decided to conduct the Aswamedha Yaga. There on Draupadi becomes a ‘Village Goddess’ (Grama Devatha) & a God-Mother to Vahni-Kula Kshatriyas born of her blood and flesh while attaining Moksha. Abduction and her brother’s violation of consent remain central themes, though their burdens had been transferred and the events romanticised. ” . Curse of Vasus thanks for the information above. You won’t be able to answer your conscience when reality hits your face. Never seen a dentist trying to do heart surgery. Any other relationship was impossible even to contemplate. They don’t have guts to try this on Quraan. There is no reason to compare what would happen if a critique was done on another religious book. Seeing this Arjuna asked Lord Krishna how could a practiser of non-violence carry a sword. I think these authors are wasting their time and someone else’s money by doing this “research”. Take this shit down. Mahabharata was not some simple happy-go-lucky type events, it was sheer politics where state and larger good was more important than any individual’s. Draupadi creator is her father Drupada, king of Panchala who aim of destroying the Kuru household who humiliated Drona who used his students Pandavas and Kauravas to destroy Panchala. Arjuna was cursed by Urvashi for refusing to sleep with her even though she offered herself to him when Arjuna went to Indraloka post his getting the Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva. Lord Krishna told him that the man was an ascetic and a follower of non-violence. Many stories that are same have different interpretation and motivation in both the books. If all this theory is right and supported by evidences then claim this as ‘true fact’ rather than just put a question mark and run away with Views are Personal. Who are responsible for bringing un-touch ability in the society and minted money like anything. .. if Subhadra was not interested in marrying him …, she would have married to Dhuryodhana as her alliance had fixed with a political benefit …, however if I say 1000 times also you will not stop degrading the epics so please read and give right reference. There, he met Chitrangada, the daughter of the king of Manipur, and was moved to seek her hand in marriage. Completely agree. Great going people! The PRINT is another name for THRASH You’re using Bori critical edition which including stories from various versions. Majority will think you are the most idiot. When Jayadratha kidnapped Draupadi, Arjuna and Bhima went after them to rescue her (Bhawalkar 82-83). 9. Today. He will become a eunuch. Arjun and Subhadra had love affairs before he won Drapadi. But just then Arjuna saw that a sword was tied to his body, which meant he was a warrior. So, just keep your ways to your self and look at your face in the mirror daily – you might not have even washed it for weeks if you were in Arabia . Upon hearing Karna’s story, Draupadi felt sympathetic towards him and was bonded to him due to the fact that both of them were unwanted at the time of their births. If you have respect for your own Bengali culture then read Kashidashi Mahabharata. In Telugu, we come across Tallapaka Tirumalamma’s 15th-century Subhadra Kalyanam. The word used here is ‘aropyat’, which is strangely the same word that Valmiki used to describe the abduction of Sita in Ramayana. Can we do police complain against author? Urvashi expressed her desire for Arjuna. Same way of talking, manipulation of meaning, drawing shitty meaning out of verses and mentioning numbers of reference. Maybe abduction is justified if done by the ‘Hero’? She also noticed Arjuna’s interest in her and the fire of love was kindled in her. She became too overpowered by her desire for Arjuna. You take out a part of the poem, then present it out of context and write a completely derogatory article against one of the Hindu gods and then call the Hindus Islamophobic, asecular and such stuff. She fell in love with Arjuna in the form of tridaNDi sannyaasi. We worship him for era, haven’t worship Shakuni or Dhritarastra. Views are personal. Upon hearing Karna’s story, Draupadi felt sympathetic towards him and was bonded to him due to the fact that both of them were unwanted at the time of their births. An attempt to de glorify Mahabharata in particular and Hinduism in general…. When we deduce stories * A known relative. They were in action since Left parties supported Indira Gandhi in 1960 to be as PM and they took over our education system. They said Balaram had chosen Duryodhan as Subhadra’s groom without taking her consent. I dont think so. please improve your level of journalism or you will be nowhere in near future. Wake up sir ,either change your name So it does not reflect as Sanatani . Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Open challenge to The Print – do you have the courage to publish an article about The Prophet with similar undertones? However, over the last millennia and a half, this grey has slowly been erased. Also, why are you so worried about a story happened 7000years ago. Peoplecare dying! Duryodhana, came to visit the palace of illusions. He is angry and sorrowful that his god-like parents should be insulted thus. Regional authors, who came from centres of Vaishnavism, also took cue from the Bhagawat Puran. Subhadra went with Arjuna on her own wish. Write about those where they don’t even respect women and kept them away from education. Ram raped sita at her age of 6. To stop a evil, one can’t be like Yiodhistira to fight against evil. This was achieved by crafting ‘ascetic’ Arjun as the object of Subhadra’s desire. Arjuna’s death in the battle is also attributed to the curse of the Ashta-Vasus. You have said “The authors are presently working on the novelised retelling of Subhadra’s abduction. Draupadi always favored Arjuna but alas, Arjuna was not happy with the fact that he had to share the prize he has won with 4 brothers. Harming Hindu’s belief gives bread and butter to The Print .. You have entered an incorrect email address! Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. With every passing day it becomes clear that The Print is an irresponsible second rate magazine, with an anti-India agenda, funded by anti-national forces. Mahabharata is full of incidents of curses, yet when curses are mentioned with reference to Mahabharata in Indian mythology, we would normally associate Karna, but Arjuna also had some curses. I know that ur media is biased hinduphobic. Arjuna met an ascetic sitting under a tree and eating all leafy vegetables and fruits. I agree with comment above that the Print has no dare to publish any critical piece about Quran. Thank you for taking the pain to reveal yourself. Such a shame ! I thought I would find atleast one person supporting these views but hats off to all the true indians and proud Hindus who made a mockery of this article. The ‘Subhadra Haran’ episode in the Mahabharata is brief. I have already madee enouggh backup of the content of this site so that you can’t escape that this page never existed. Your article telling half story. She cursed almost everyone or everything which annoyed her. But can you compare those marriage or patent to Ravan abducting Sita? Subhadra’s voice has been silenced and all the wrongdoings against her have either been disregarded or worse, romanticised. For Sita the conecent was not there is evendently mentioned over and over again. The work that The Print is doing will be addressed in same way with all forms oneday. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). Click on further slides to know what did Arjun do in … However, i would like the author to consider a few things. Also please remember that Rukhamini was ” Haraned” ! Copyright © 2020 Printline Media Pvt. If you have to bother about Hindutwa so much, yes – Hindutwa and Hindu Dharma has given 1000 ds of years of knowledge, wisdom, science, architecture, philosophy, architecture to this World. So, there was a need to revise myths, including that of Subhadra’s abduction. His brother Satyajit barges into the room with the news that Draupadi will be marrying all the five Pandavas. Great ! this is fake, that place might be somewhere near bengal or some hilly areas, there is no such story in the history of manipuir, we meitei don't even know what is it. Its a shame that our culture and heritage is being interpreted and presented to us by foreign institutions. In a revengeful zeal for winning Arjuna’s heart she prays to Madana,, the God of love,, and acquires the sumptuous beauty of a girl for a year.. Don’t take anything on Print seriously. He was the devotee of Lord Shiva. Arjuna. Ujaan, You are such a Bas****. Draupadi was conflicted in love. you are playing with fire by trying to subvert the story. It is said, that when you read the Mahabharata and Ramayana, again and again, your perception and understanding keeps changing, and you will have more clarity, and it helps understand where you are in your life and why you are there. Misconstruing and twisting the facts has become the bread and butter of these modern Indologists. The brothers welcomed the sage along with his pupils and offered them service. Though Draupadi loved Arjuna the most, she was more devoted to the eldest brother, Yudhishtira. In the court of Indra all the Gandharva’s sang divine songs and all the beautiful apsaras gave dancing recitals. She was continuously weeping and wiping her tears. This itself gives it a resolute strength that makes it tower over others. Urvashi became furious with rage. The authors are presently working on the novelised retelling of Subhadra’s abduction. Arjun saves her but doesn’t know who she is. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. Don’t forget all the support that Krishna provided to Pandavas. The authors seem to be trying to view an ancient culture which was far superior in protecting all of its citizens through the very narrow lens of what’s politically correct in today’s consumerist throwaway society . Duryodhan tries to disrobe Draupadi. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. Draupadi, who plays a major role in the Mahabharata, was born to King Drupada and was originally called Krishnaa, for her dark complexion Drupada had been humiliated by Drona, the guru of the Pandava prince, Arjuna. In this Covid 19 times they can refer to Subhadra but not a thinking/mind paradigm shift post 2020. For a publication located supported and funded largely by Hindus this is a true outrage- shows in how much contempt you hold the Indian people. Not negative thoughts. She was like a mother to him. Subhadra went with Arjuna on her own wish. Draupadi was Indraprastha’s treasurer. I want to remind you that article in a similar vein disrespecting Islam would result in your offices being bombed. The story of subhadra’s abduction is explicitly mentioned in the BHAGWAT Purana.. And it also speaks of the consent of subhadra’s in favour of marrying arjuna, Subhadra’s was actually in love with Arjuna and wanted to marry him but bantams had organised her marriage with duryodhana….

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