Stone Sword – the stone sword has damage of 3 hearts (2.5 hearts for Java Edition). Get this 3 magical sword in your world . Where unarmed damage is 1 and sword damage is +7 for diamond (note the "+" in front - that means it is added); this gives 8 * 150% * 360% + 6.25 = 49.45 (24.725 hearts) for the maximum possible damage you can do in Survival (using commands do not count - "legit" means in Survival mode without commands or mods). Invite friends to see your creations and custom mods. Every sword has it's own ability. Each sharpness level increases the damage value by 1.25, so it basically makes it slightly better than the next tier. A wooden sword has 4, and a diamond sword has 7. You need to check if the entity getting hit is an instance of Player first, because you automatically made the event.getEntity() a player, then checked if it was a player. Map :- Survival , Adventure , Creative . The maximum highest number minecraft can understand with things like enchantment, stack number and other things except the block relative position is 32767 and the maximum lowest is -32768. At the first level, Sharpness adds 1 damage … Best Sword Enchantments. Nice addon, but the noob sword its doesnt like have damage and I hope those swords have own durability + 1 more bug that all those swords are dont want to appear in craftable recipes(my MCPE ver. It's a very long list, so here's how to quickly remember it: Each sword has a damage value, it goes up by one each tier. The advantages and the benefits which you will get by best enchantments for sword Minecraft, are given below: If your sword is enchantment, then it will reduce the risks of a player being damaged. You would expect the golden sword to be at least slightly stronger than the wooden sword but in terms of damage, that’s not the case. You can play against big mobs if you have an enchantment sword with you. Golden Sword – the golden sword has damage of 2.5 hearts (2 hearts for Java Edition). Interesting Fact: this is where the 32K weapons term comes from Remix and deploy Purpur sword (7 damage). Now on a fill clock: /scoreboard players set @a weak 1 {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:diamond_sword}} /effect @a[score_weak_min=1] weakness 10 100 0 /scoreboard players set @a weak 0 /effect @a[score_weak=0] weakness 0 0. I can tell you this if I knew I was going to face multiple opponents I'd want an axe. Minecraft addon new receipe for Minecraft lovers. The three element of nature are in Minecraft and now Team Alkaison has transformed then into 3 magical sword. What this will do is first set the scoreboard value in the weak objective of anyone holding a diamond sword to 1. You ever swung a broad sword ( the basis of the Minecraft sword) ok how about am axe. 3 magical swords make you God of Minecraft PE. Edit and deploy with 1-click on Tynker's Minecraft servers. Check out other cool remixes by Flame ninja and Tynker's community. Set the damage value to 32767 and see what happens. Hopefully in the future update u can fix this problem and add somethings goodly, I love this addon… This Purpur sword (7 damage Minecraft Items was remixed by Flame ninja. Addon :- Minecraft friendly Here’s a list of the Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft, with the order in which you should try and get them: Sharpness (V): Adding Sharpness will increase the amount melee damage your sword will deal.

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