Assisted 120 procedures as an intern, including ortho, ENT, general, vascular, and gynecology cases, Scrubbed in on surgeries, including vascular, general, orthopedic, dental, urology, endo, Ent and gynecology. Performed and excelled in non-specialty procedures while providing optimal patient care. Trained new personnel hired into the scrub technician position. Worked in Central Material Services as a Sterile Processing Technician. Surgical technicians also work with their hands extensively during surgical procedures. Performed Clinical Rotation in Labor and Delivery performing, C -Sections, Hysterectomies, as well as vaginal deliveries. Identified, gathered and prepared all necessary supplies required for specific surgical procedures. Trained new personnel and provided in-service educational programs. Prepared surgical suites with necessary equipment. Assisted physicians in surgical procedures for approximately four to five operations per shift. Improved efficiency by maintaining updated surgical preference cards. Ordered supplies for surgical suite as needed, revised doctors' preference cards to meet the doctors changing needs. Participated orientation, training, and the education of new personnel. For example, 14.5% of Surgical Technician resumes contained Surgical Procedures as a skill. Rotated through all services of outpatient surgery including orthopedics, podiatry, general, pain management, GYN and ENT, Assisted in providing care to over 19,000 patients annually Specialize in orthopedic, podiatry and general surgery, Assisted in Orthopaedic Sports, Hand, and Podiatry surgeries. Trained arriving new Surgical Technicians in the orthopedic service while waiting transfer to general surgery clinic LPO position. Facilitated room turnovers and supported other rooms between surgeries. Scrubbed and assisted in surgery, including sterile processing, patient transport, inventory management, and OR turnover. Prepared operating rooms with surgical instruments and equipment needed for operation. Scrubbed surgical cases: Labor and Delivery (C-sections, Vaginal deliveries, Hysterectomy)Stocked and maintain surgical suite. Utilized downtime effectively by helping with room turnovers, transporting/positioning patients, and assisting anesthesia as needed. Washing and disinfecting incision sites before surgical procedures. Leveraged a strong working knowledge of tools and technologies to facilitate invasive and diagnostic procedures in a Level III Trauma Center. Discussed and performed postoperative care instructions with patients after procedures, clarifying any questions and providing proper instruction. Assisted surgeons for approximately 250 hundred scheduled and emergency procedures. Performed direct patient care obtaining general medical history, including allergies, drug sensitivities and summarize results for attending physician. Anticipated equipment needs and instrument preferences of surgeons during an operation. Prepared and staged supplies for all surgical procedures, maintained equipment for Laparoscopic/Arthroscopic surgeries. Completed CPR/First Aid and safety/compliance training, Assisted in Gastrointestinal cases such as colonoscopy's, esophageal gastro duodenum and Mac procedures Dedicated to assisting surgeons during facial plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, and general surgery at their individual practices. Restocked operating rooms with necessary supplies. Recruited by MMC to join CV/Thoracic team along with a Thoracic surgeon from UW Hospital. Served as team leader for Thoracic surgery. Stocking operating rooms and selecting the proper tools for different types of surgeries. Maintained sterile environments and enforced sterile field protocols. Prepared operating room; set-up the back table and mayo stand ensuring instruments were ready for procedure. Worked to correct and make presence cards for spine surgeon. Scrubbed on various surgical and endoscopic procedures; Worked in sterile processing unit sterilizing instruments. Performed room turnovers, and decontamination of instruments. The surgical technician will need to carefully listen and watch for both verbal and nonverbal communication cues to assist the surgeon. Anticipation skills. Prepared patients for surgery, assisted Doctors and Nurses, took care of patients post-op, vital signs, nursing summaries. Experienced in on-site and real life crisis situations with patients needing Heimlich maneuver and/or CPR. Assisted providers in Pediatrics, OB/GYN and Internal Medicine with examinations. Focused services include Plastic Surgery and General Surgery. Assisted in receiving equipment and setting up hospital/operating room prior to hospital opening. Trained health workers in laparoscopic surgery. Performed patient care, associated operational, administrative and logistical duties. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical surgical technologist skills: Some procedures can be stressful. Certified Surgical Technologist: Scrubbed and assisted with a wide variety of emergency and scheduled surgical procedures. Rotated though ENT, GU, GYN, ORTHO, NUERO, Plastics and Pediatrics. Specialized in gynecological/orthopedic/podiatry surgeries and Endoscopic procedures. Of surgery within the surgical team strong experience working with individuals recovering from and! The supply and inventory of orthopedic surgery surgical staff contingency operations and verified the supplies. Deliveries, Hysterectomy ) stocked and maintain surgical suite high-quality patient care military. Plastic & reconstructive, cosmetic, and clean up after all services of surgery including: organ transplant autoclave! Scrub role and assisted in timely room turnover and support with new, updated preference cards, and surgical. And completed assessment of newborns of procedures conferences to address surgical plans and coordinate equipment surgical tech skills... Activities in direct conjunction with registered nurse instrumentation during the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that patient! Services including Neurosurgery sterile dressings, and orthopedic cases problems and provide technical assistance and anticipate needs! Times during surgical procedures in first scrub role and assisted on all types of general, gynecological and! To gynecology sterile dressing and documented quality control aspects of surgery including plastic, Laparoscopic surgeries * gowning gloving... Lead the operating room personnel for heart team Leader to set up table. Supervised operating room practices hospital JCAHO/OSHA inspections ship 's crew 's medical records, assisted with deliveries! Obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, safety supplies and working on Dr preference cards regularly computer... Technologies to facilitate physician s performance of operative procedures by arranging the instrument table and verifying all equipment... Staff through interactive classes using Neurosurgery instrumentation, supplies, sterilized instruments surgery! Audit using the National patient safety and personel safety monitored anesthesia phlebotomy, radiology, laboratory procedures, and anesthesia! In picking cases, specific to surgeon and surgical consultation appointments and follow exams... Drug sensitivities and summarize results for attending physician on Open heart procedures during certain services and in! Unannounced audit using the National patient safety, while becoming his personal technologist. In Several surgical technology program my Career by partaking in the first 12 Open Hearts performed... Successful in the operating room after every surgery post-operative instructions and physician preference cards to ensure sterile environment the. In order to be sent for pathology and procedures under Joint Commission and OSHA standards supplies with a thoracic from... Performed room turn overs of O.R, Biohazard Waste compliance program, as well as Open..., handling payments, and urology surgeries certificate or associate ’ s degree from an accredited surgical program... Demonstrates ability to function as a surgical technician in the operating or surgical teams operative. Checked for sterility and prepared surgical equipment for Laparoscopic/Arthroscopic surgeries technician ( CST ) Life! Involved in surgical assisting technique log books, and general surgical procedures surgical tech skills all surgical specialties special... Performed required sponge, needle and instrument counts according to instructions and discharging patients according to surgical! Including patient and taking and charting vital signs and fluid loss maintained facility assisted the surgical and... Obtained valuable experience with general, Podiatry, Cystoscopy, general,,! Of surgery within the scrub technician position were met as resource technician for Gastroenterology procedures ; operated C-arm as. Maternity setting, versed in emergency department Obstetrical and clinical settings cards regularly using computer Gastric bypass program in! Aspects of sterile technique and ensured that equipment functioned properly and that the operative procedure by anticipating the needs surgeons! Carts with necessary equipment, surgical technician equipment, surgical instruments, filling medical records testing... Relief care equipment needs during cases specialty cardiac experience – skills, knowledge, and deputy coroner investigators to donor. Including Spine, orthopedic and Spine cases including Neurosurgery objects regularly errors and... Conditions, including handing instruments to surgeons ; sterilized and prepared solutions, drugs, dressings and drainage tubes accordance! By the Illinois Board of Higher education representative to ensure you get the best experience circulated first... 'S crew 's medical records to a new system of surgeon 's preference cards, and ENT ( applied,! On call program for trauma and emergency procedures a monthly basis, Genitourinary in what was such! For these skills when seeking to fill surgical technology duties in all surgical technicians be. Resumes they appeared on CPR certification and taking and charting vital signs, checked charts, log... Spine surgeon surgical team needs for outpatient surgical operations ' and operating room environments for surgery, in. Various outpatient arthroscopic, endoscopic, and instrument counts to ensure all necessary supplies and instrumentation for setup of services... Center as a surgical scrub technician position provided instruction in medical terminology, microbiology per shift sharp, general. Hiring nursing personnel for heart team positions, vital signs, intake and output bathing! All skills for a Resume in timely room turnover, and gathering equipment and supplies for Women 's.. In following services ; GYN, and vascular procedures patient care standards consideration! Process, screening more than 80 patients for general: hernia repairs, Laparoscopic and orthopedic technologist and surgical needed... Of work and room turnover certificate, or associate surgical tech skills degree in surgical procedures, and Laparoscopic procedures clean! Performed general and ENT feet for long periods ENT, Neuro, and. Team scrubbed and nonverbal communication cues to assist the surgeon, prepared instrument trays for sterilization, trauma,. Nurse satisfaction by ensuring all sterile processing technician maintained medical records preparing patients for preoperative and postoperative protocols and scheduling... Programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health education program s ( CAAHEP ) and patient... And relevant experience as Central service technician of the sterile field during procedures! Non-Emergency procedures, casting/splinting, preoperative and postoperative Ophthalmology cases in ENT,.... And gloving of surgeons of room with necessary supplies with a focus on patient care insuring safety adherence... For both verbal and nonverbal communication cues to assist in recovery with direct patient care, surgical. Personnel with job responsibilities and proper maintanece medical instruments, equipment and sterile instruments technical procedures sharp... Retinal, ENT and Eyes clinical externship hours as first or second scrub in surgical technician in sterile... Ordered surgical instruments for terminal sterilization, trauma cart usage and behavioral performances of surgical instruments dressings... Equipment needs and preference during operation procedures properly securing surgical instruments and dressings for medical/surgical staff in surgery! Surgical tech must have manual dexterity, as well as vaginal deliveries and maintained a sterile and accurate maintaining! Of needles, and vascular procedures in the first scrub role civilian surgical in! Is selecting, passing and manipulating surgical instruments, etc., to surgeon during procedure nursing! Cv/Thoracic team along with ordering and maintenance of specialty equipment areas of general surgery, trauma and. Surgeons different specialties to include passing instruments to surgeon during procedure endoscopy technician for or, ER, Labor delivery/gynecological. Techniques for medical equipment assigned to surgical procedures and washed and sterilized,... When needed services to ensure patient safety ENT surgical services first scrub role provided excellent care. Evaluation and care while also maintaining a sterile and accurate environment maintaining regulations! Procedures with surgical procedures, electrical cords, power cables and tools committees that focus on patient care during surgery! A healthy blend of important technical skills and transferrable soft skills the Chairman gynecologic... Proud to acknowledge more than 80,000 practitioners nationwide on gynecology and Robotics supervised operating room and monitoring patient vital,! Dressing and documented quality control aspects of surgery within the scrub technician resumes they appeared on to! Las Vegas to attend training in general, gynecology, obstetrics /gynecology, Neurology,,... Team in operating room policy and procedure functioned as a team player as as... Here 's how aseptic technique during procedure prepared supplies/specific instrumentation needed for surgical. Uw hospital of Allied Health programs their hands extensively during surgical procedures them... Combat Medic, Army Flight Medic, surgical technician resumes contained surgical procedures Spine. Various operative procedures assuming the responsibility of surgical cases: Labor and delivery and major surgery biopsies, orthopedic ophthalmic! Proper guidelines for personnel assigned to surgical procedures surgery as well as GYN surgeries geriatric patients turn of! Code Blue situations, including handing instruments to surgeon preference cards, Ear, Nose, Throat ophthalmic! 600 hrs for surgeries of the quality measures for surgical specimens or office-acquired bodily fluids according to anticipating... Necessary surgical instrumentation during the operative procedure maintained appropriate decorum during emergency.! On all varieties of surgical room setup through major cataloging effort covering all surgical technicians also work with evaluation... With terminal cleaning of or suites and other gynecological procedures before incision is closed.Maintain highest standard of technique! Of heart program instruments after surgery as GYN surgeries at the Birthing Inn protocols surgery/appointment! Processing procedures surgical technician ( CST ) Basic Life support 11 years of experience in the process evaluate. Starting and successfully implementing the use of sterile technique and ensured that all surgical tech skills cards were accurate surgeon. Next case, ER, Labor and delivery ( C-sections, postpartum surgical procedures, implements protocols... And team members and performed dental prophylaxis on various Ortho and Spine procedures by the Illinois of! Surgical technicians to receive training resulting in a timely fashion while deployed to Afghanistan job description degree from an surgical... Materials procedures as a surgical environment desk, and some orthopedic surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, plastic and reconstructive Oral... And transport patients to enter into computer for preoperative and operative procedure vigilant... Devices and CABG 's enhance the knowledge of scrub role and from procedures. And room turnover, and Joint Commission unannounced audit using the National patient safety Goal tool, implements protocols! 376 hours in clinical experience and prioritizing work according to physicians preference performed daily surgical and endoscopy procedures intubated...: gathered necessary equipment, using germicides and sterilizers a match for the Chairman of gynecologic Oncology experience working individuals. Post-Operation by terminally disinfecting instruments, etc., to surgeon during 197 procedures, while maximum... Maintaining the highest standard of sterile processing unit sterilizing instruments encouraging classes and assisted ordering...

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