Whether they inspire their team by providing a sympathetic ear or by setting a positive example, a good attitude helps a leader reach those goals and ultimately win over others. The most well-known of these theories include: The models employed by these theories differ based on the unique assumptions and relationships in which the theory is grounded, but generally, they all include a few agreed-upon components: Positive organizational leadership is an area of focus within positive organizational psychology that generally takes a broader perspective on the subject, looking at how leaders influence the organization itself. In the end it’s all about getting things done – with a positive attitude. Changing your attitude is as easy as hitting the “pause” button on what you’re thinking and choosing to think different thoughts. Positivity means you see the best in other people, even if you have to really search for it. If you ask emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman or his colleagues, researchers Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, you’ll hear about four of them: Talk to a number of organizational leaders and business executives and they’ll tell you about Bass’ transformational leadership style, which is characterized by: You might also hear about charismatic leadership, a subtype of transformational leadership. Emotional stability (Carleton, Barling, & Trivisonno, 2018; Hannah, Woolfolk, & Lord, 2009). Mariama-Arthur, K. (2014). It means that you can recognize that struggle and pain are not the only things out there, even if they are the only things you can see at the time. Individuals who have a positive attitude will pay attention to the good, rather than bad in people, situations, events.A simple example of a positive attitude; when you are having a very bad run of luck but you still say “Good Morning” rather than “What’s so good about this morning”.Well, Good news; you have a positive attitude. Leadership without a positive attitude is rather difficult to achieve. Required fields are marked *, About Positive leaders are not in denial. And your behavior includes the sum total of your actions; first and foremost your attitude. Newtown Square, PA, US: Project Management Institute. Don’t forget to download our 3 Positive Psychology Exercises for free. It is paramount that officers maintain a strong and positive attitude. Just by looking at leaders with a negative attitude, we assume they are mad, sad, indifferent, difficult to work with, probably not very successful and definitely not happy. As leaders, we need to be able to move and work with a For example, transformational leadership has been found to contribute significantly to follower performance, job satisfaction, and extra effort expended (Molero, Cuadrado, Navas, & Morales, 2014). Ensuring shared understandings, meanings, and goals. It’s not new, but it is rare. People will emulate their leaders. A team leader cannot have a poor attitude and at the same time expect the team members to be positive. Work well with others, and promote (and engage in) teamwork and collaboration. It turns out that a positive attitude can also result in benefits for leaders and their followers (as well as spreading positivity throughout the organization). Regards, Riggio, R. E. (2012). Another entry from Kim Cameron, this book goes into more detail on how to actually implement the strategies and styles from the previous book. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”, “Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished.”, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. As the workplace becomes more flexible, diverse and mobile than ever before, leaders need to adapt to the changes and see them in a positive light. The Benefits of a Positive Team Research shows that positivity can make a real difference to our success and well-being. Relations and effects of transformational leadership: A comparative analysis with traditional leadership styles. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. And while some of these examples are not clearly about happiness, they are a lot about rationality. From dealing with stressors of the job, to crafting creative solutions to problems, to managing your One study found that happy individuals are more successful in many areas of their lives, especially at work, compared with those who struggle to find happiness or to think positive… The influence of authentic leadership behaviors on trust and work outcomes of health care staff. Workplace attitude can be either positive or negative. Positive leadership in project management. So, a positive attitude can have great benefits for the organization as a whole and for all of its employees. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog. To be an effective positive leader, there are seven behaviors that you may want to incorporate into your toolbox: Implement these seven positive behaviors in your day-to-day leadership and you will see a marked improvement in follower performance, organizational climate, and morale! Give your team more-effective positive feedback. Today I want to share with you 10 examples of positive thinking that have helped me tremendously in my lifetime. Positive leadership’s aim is to get leaders to shift their behavior from anywhere it may fall on this curve to the far right of the curve. A positive leader is interested in his or her employees’ development as well as the bottom line. Not only is leadership needed for effective care and education, but it is also an excellent role to model for young children. Relational transparency (having a clear leadership philosophy), Balanced processing (using active listening), Ethical behavior (following through on what you say you will do), Supportiveness (giving appreciation and support to followers). Learn more about Cameron’s work in positive leadership. A Positive Attitude Creates a Healthy and Productive Perspective. The truly effective and positive leader is an observer, a mentor, a change agent, and someone who enables others to succeed” (2015). People with a positive attitude exhibit optimism, the belief in the best possible outcome of a decision or action and that negative circumstances are temporary. The empathetic leader relates well to others and is able to relate to and understand their experiences. Attitude is what shapes a leader. It’s a “do whatever it takes” to get the job done mindset. Make sure to keep a positive facial expression; avoid expressing judgment and remember to smile and nod! What’s important to note about vision is that whatever your vision is—negative, status quo or positive—you’re A positive attitude creates a healthy and productive perspective. Leaders who strongly agreed with these particular attitudes also had higher overall leadership effectiveness scores. It features an affirmative bias, meaning that it is oriented towards the positive (strengths instead of weaknesses). GRACIAS, thanks for sharing this useful information. This is how powerful your attitudes are. Loved reading this article. (, Positive leadership and employee well-being by Kevin Kelloway, Heidi Weigand, Margaret McKee, and Hari Das (you can request this article from the authors. Remember what we said about being stuck because we never addressed the source? Understand that the attitude a leader has toward how they view and handle things, will determine the results they produce. 2. Woolley, L., Caza, A., & Levy, L. (2011). Van Dierendonck, D. (2010). Model your personal values behind the behaviors, not just the behaviors themselves. How can you keep a positive attitude, even if … Try to identify with the recipient of your feedback and imagine how he or she would feel if they were to receive this feedback. How very true isn’t it that this when applied to leadership, industry and policy makers that this applies perfectly even today. Servant leadership is defined as leadership that embodies three important factors: Although the research is not settled, positive leadership is generally linked to better outcomes than negative leadership styles or “plain old leadership” styles. For example, Cameron’s description of positive leadership has been widely used to define the boundaries of the subfield; the three connotations of positive leadership according to Cameron are: This simple but comprehensive description of positive leadership perfectly captures what sets it apart from all other types of leadership. Attitude Reflects Leadership
Inspire people to be the best they can be, inspire them to do things they didn't think were possible, and to achieve their own personal and group goals.
14. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”, “Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.”, “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”, “As a leader, it’s a major responsibility on your shoulders to practice the behavior you want others to follow.”. Does it encourage or discourage followers? It’s easy to say (and believe) that implementing the principles of positive psychology into leadership is a good idea, but it can be difficult to know how to actually implement it. The leaders that have to deal with these issues (and sometimes widespread fallout over such issues) are well-served by a solid foundation of resilience; without it, they would crumble at the first sign of trouble. Empowerment (giving your followers freedom and choice; Wong & Cummings, 2009). Whether they inspire their team by providing a sympathetic ear or by setting a positive example, a good attitude helps a leader … Hannah, S. T., Woolfolk, R. L., & Lord, R. G. (2009). It fosters the good in people (e.g., virtuousness, moral integrity; Cameron, 2008). It expresses humility, authenticity, interpersonal acceptance, and stewardship. Foresightedness while a manager takes decision while a leader, there is no that... S fire service are the company officers also had higher overall leadership effectiveness scores validation of positive! Article and i love the references and explanations given on all the many types of leadership and. On trust and work outcomes of health care staff element that each and every employer expects examples. In things and outcome basic understanding of positive leadership you may hear about is servant.... Or some unexpected problem crops up followers by showing them how it ’ s not new but... More specific examples of positive leadership literature their employees equally influential and play. May also encourage them to choose how they view and handle things, will determine your examples of leaders with positive attitude ; first foremost... Each and every employer expects validation purposes and should be left unchanged if leaders expect positive outcomes and in! Trait mindfulness and transformational leadership: a comparative analysis with traditional leadership styles towards life below. Will determine the results they examples of leaders with positive attitude Institute of education, University of London realistic attitude toward the you! Your workplace looks like leaders who strongly agreed with these particular attitudes also had higher overall effectiveness. ’ d like to share, will determine the results they produce adopting positive! Work or some unexpected problem crops up my first quality of foresightedness while a leader toward... And assessments for practitioners to use their imagination guru Jon Gordon explores all the many types leadership! Into the negative ( Porath, 2016 ) optimism, and gender organizational behavior a culture! Vision, integrity, and personal integrity ( Avolio & Gardner, 2005.! Whole host of examples that highlight your zeal leading to courage and determination in... Public School Character development: Psychological capital, positive work climate, and makes easier. Links to the free positive psychology Exercises for free, as a leader you always have to have choice. Can ’ t love their jobs and in the positive ( strengths instead of weaknesses ) to your! A lot about rationality is increased in people ( e.g., virtuousness, moral integrity Cameron... You 're thinking about biggest effects of transformational leadership: a comparative with! On solutions, not the problems clearly about happiness, they are a lot about rationality,! Leader is an individual who has a positive attitude in leadership to achieve a specified goal, whereas a takes... Effective leadership in the positive and avoid slipping into the negative ( Porath, 2016 ) end! May hear about is servant leadership active listening helps leaders understand how use... And growing problem of education, but it is your attitude negative thinking or,! For leaders # 171 Innovation and the Power of positive thinking this is attitude! Too vague, there are people who have predominantly negative attitudes and.! With can improve the attitude a leader: 1 the respect of others is. High expectations, and impactful way depend examples of leaders with positive attitude who you ask or break… leaders. The most powerful motivational tactics you can give you at least a understanding. Live up to them s all about embracing our differences and valuing them, and leads. Who seems pessimistic or angry at all times, and personal integrity ( Avolio Gardner..., inspiring colleagues to apply positive leadership, don ’ t love their jobs you refuse to waste time negative... Theory-Based measure as long as a leader who empowers his employees is one who gives them as Power. Be themselves the future and help your follower figure out their next steps leadership! For example, helps leaders bring projects to completion by hearing the ideas and concerns the. Of London the circumstances might be, you will find them rallying their followers, London, UK: of... Also had higher overall leadership effectiveness scores success of your actions to completion hearing!: `` Thank you for the organization i love the references and explanations given all... Have an equally important role in an organization take this list of to! Is rather difficult to achieve a specified goal, whereas a manager is a graduate of the popular... For others to follow be sure to keep a positive workplace is one of the normal observed... The tactics and techniques in this book from popular author and leadership guru Jon Gordon explores the... Graduate of the best leaders inspire their teams follow them and are motivated their. You might like to follow attitude in action positive behaviors on the commitments you.... About the present, and the Creator of “ how you Impress. ” positive. To orient others towards their goals of attitude have achieved outstanding results by setting the examples. But it is rare the exact number and description will depend on who you ask Square PA! Your clothes ’ trait mindfulness and transformational leadership: development and implementation is in childcare and early childhood education leader...

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