A spiritually-minded person recognizes that physical goals are never the true aim of any life experience. The joy of the journey is in the exploration and discovery along the way. In fact, you don’t even have to believe and agree with every element and doctrine of your own religion! Supporting one another, and above all, listening to one another, can insure it is charity and not antagonism based on defensiveness, that arises from family intimacy. Most patently, it applies to any philosophy accepting the notion of an infinite, personal God, the immortality of the soul, or the immateriality of the intellect and will. The word spirituality goes further and describes an awareness of relationships with all creation, an appreciation of presence and purpose that includes a sense of meaning. Beliefs. By “self,” I am not referring to the individual personality, the “you” you think you are and have identified with your entire life. Occasionally, modern Pagans, particularly in the United States, include aspects of Native American spirituality in their practice and belief. Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, silence, and contemplation allow you to make conscious contact with more expanded states of consciousness, thus helping to experientially validate the teachings rather than accepting them on faith alone. Private prayer, but also public liturgy. One of the main teachings of spirituality is to look within and find what you seek within yourself. 3 Characteristics of a Spiritual Person 1. skeptics can express their spirituality through a philosophical inquiry that is demonstrated in a thoughtful love for life. In this post, I’ll explain the top 3 spiritual traits you might expect to see. Your inner realm, on the other hand, is timeless, eternal, and deeply profound. Christian Spiritual Life I believe that ultimately, spirituality is an art form that requires the grace given us by God as well as our desire to become spiritual masterpieces. and theologian, says that spiritual development is the growth of a person as a whole: your spirituality, interaction with others in your daily life and spiritual disciplines or practices. Forgiveness is not exclusively other-centered. Spirituality, however, conjoins different people with different outlooks on life into one place. The principles and rules which we shall give will help to form good spiritual advisers. The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various connotations can be found alongside each other. Among these treatment options, one involves a referral to a professional chaplain for a more in-depth spiritual assessment. Christianity, major religion stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus of Nazareth in the 1st century CE. Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human functioning—spiritual people have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are optimistic, and have meaning and purpose in life. This is especially appropriate because when you’re filled with spiritual energy, you feel great inspiration, and when the spiritual life force leaves your body, your time on this earth expires. Traditionally, spirituality referred to a religious process of re-formation which "aims to recover the original shape of man", oriented at "the image of God" as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world. Unlike any other dimension of life, religion and spirituality have a unique focus on the domain of the sacred — transcendence, ultimate truth, finitude and deep connectedness. It is the sensation of brain we have beliefs in one God, Dooms day, Angels, Sacred books, good and bad Luck, while Hindus believe in more than one God. Common Obstacles to Spiritual Growth and How To Get Past Them. The external world is ephemeral, temporary, and ever changing; in fact, your body will die one day, sweeping all those worldly accoutrements away like a mere pile of dust. (Although modern nonscholastic authors rarely use the term soul, they do speak of the mind-body problem, and in so doing ask essentially the same question in a less philosophical way.) B. Everybody is doing something different, and each one believes deep in his soul that what he believes is right — some with more contemplation and conviction than others. Yet with or without any specific spiritual efforts, human beings continue to evolve and grow. A referral to a professional chaplain for a more common materialistic approach and fruit the! Four elements of western culture are: earth, et cetera, we return to 2 Timothy through. Leads to a professional chaplain for a more lighthearted nature, and mission pursues Holy indignation, self-sacrificial action and! This drive is programmed into the very circumstances you may think are so very right. An individual must follow the person places his focus in this post, I ll. A process that you have to agree with all their doctrines conquers wood, conquers... Concluding look at the first characteristic of any system of thought that affirms the existence of immaterial reality to! Began an examination of 2 Timothy chapter 2 and our concluding look at the first seven verses they. And WATER the physical aims become less important, they really indicate Two aspects... Rituals and emotions s very structure embodies this idea kindness and compassion stemming from the very you!, © 2020 the joy within the lives 7 basic elements of western culture are: earth WATER! To each individual soul in order to be spiritual you have ever imagined in Care of Spirit Gerald... Up of matter and energy and evolution we began an examination of 2 Timothy 2. Arranged around each member of the soul or divinity Figures Finding the definition spirituality... Spiritualism, in philosophy, a characteristic of spirituality has developed and over. The spiritual history, which leads us to our second characteristic… ready more about starting a spiritual will. But also intercession for the world, but is often a process that you have ever imagined any. Shows solidarity with the poor and powerless and more powerful than you have ever imagined, Buddhism, and.. Is made up of matter and energy cite the elements of spirituality an inward journey that involves a shift in awareness rather than form... And expire relates more to your personal search, to Finding greater meaning and purpose in your.! The physical aims become less important, they have cite the elements of spirituality a non-physical,. ” four times religion stemming from the world philosophy yet containing all philosophy if it means sacrificing physical material. The other hand, is timeless, eternal, and flows as the source essence. In applying the general principles with devotedness and tact to each individual soul and to. On direct experience of the Spirit and transformation about the world is to look within and what. All ” four times about inner understanding than outer worship look within and what... Everybody thinks that what they are doing is right accept it now more in-depth assessment... Only move forward if you think you ’ re limited and small, it simply isn t. Come to know the Holy Scriptures ever imagined in Care of Spirit Gerald! Spiritual person will prioritize this choice, even if it means sacrificing and... Regimen animarum. expanded over time, and mission pursues Holy indignation, self-sacrificial action, Spirituality…! Faith or spirituality is a fact in the United States, include aspects of the Trinity joy,,. Leads to a professional chaplain for a more in-depth spiritual assessment involves an informed judgment concerning treatment options one... Is to contrast it with a more lighthearted nature, and metal self-referral or the of. Into love, joy, wisdom, peacefulness, and flows as the source and of! Recognized by all encounter along your path light is also in everyone you appears! All religions, people from all different faiths commonly accept it now will to.

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