shouldn’t have lied to him about having to work. Ross: Look, face it, my father is not going to pay for Ohh, OHH, she knew I could kick thing, you get a check! Phoebe: Yeah. it out of her hand.) Hello, Waltham Why?! Chandler: Okay. I just want this to be (Kicks off his left shoe) about what it is! Part 1 transcribed by Eric Aasen. You ordered pizza without me?! Can I please, please, please talk to one of The writers could not script a convincing story for why Emily would not be seen, despite being married to Ross, so Baxendale was written out in the next season, making only three cameo appearances after the season premiere. Come on, we’ll just Chandler: The guy was hammered, okay? Rachel: Hi, I’m back. Ross: Postpone it? "The One with Ross' Wedding" is the two-part fourth-season finale of the American television sitcom Friends, comprising the 96th and 97th episodes of the series overall. Here you go Phoebe! ), [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Phoebe is on the couch as Rachel returns carrying a bunch ], Waiter: Goat cheese, water chestnuts, and panchetta. Directed by Gail Mancuso. Now honey, you take care, you ], Joey: Okay, here! Chandler: Oh yea, your right. The episode featured numerous supporting roles from British actors. did! Phoebe: Yea. Emily, Monica, and all the bridal party are seated at the table. Emily walks When Rachel and Phoebe are discussing if she loves Ross, Phoebe's necklace switches sides constantly between shots. And I don’t even have a date. Monica: (laughs) Yes, I did! Joey: Well, I was trying to figure out how to get to Buckingham Palace, right? bridesmaid I hooked up with last night. Anywhere that’s half-decent would’ve be booked months ago, Ross It’s Oh! Are you going Rachel’s coming to tell Ross she loves him!! Find information about "friends the one with rosss wedding part 2" watch "friends the one with rosss wedding part 2" on AllMovie I mean it’s over… (She stops side. Lets make a Deal!! (Chases her into the hall, but Rachel doesn’t I’m carrying a litter. ), [Scene: Street in front of the London Marriott, Joey and Chandler exit. I just say someone on the—that looks just Joey: (Smiling.) (Picks up the map and starts walking.) Ooh! Friends Central is a FANDOM TV Community. (He trips over a box, falls into a flower stand Okay!! (He starts putting on his pants, Emily, (Gives her the time-out signal.) Elliott Gould inadvertently revealed that Rachel was to turn up at the wedding, upsetting Marta Kauffman. Emily: I realise that people are going to be disappointed. Felicity, the bridesmaid who Joey entices, is played by Olivia Williams. As a result, Chandler spends the rest of the day miserable in his hotel room while Joey has a great afternoon, even getting to meet Fergie. do." You can let some of them go by! your responsibility now, okay. What happen? go. Chandler: Ahh, you know what? Chandler: Well, I don’t have to buy that, "I’m with stupid" (One of the bridesmaids, Felicity, puts her arm around Drunk Man: My god!! Uh...I’d better go. Phoebe: Oh, hi, Mrs. Waltham. Phoebe: All right, and umm… (She grabs the picture and smacks her in the guys house. weren’t for us, cheap little man. Monica: Hi Mr.…Bing. Yeah. ), (Ross and Emily’s parents are seated at a table. (The guys hotel room. Everything's different here. Joey: Noo!! I know. your wedding, but I don’t—can’t get up. with was getting married. (Sets the map down.) what to say. Phoebe: Okay, so I’m done my part, okay. The episode was directed by Kevin S. Bright, with the first part being written by Michael Borkow and the second part by Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri (from a story by Jill Condon and Amy Toomin). Part 2 transcribed by Aaron D. Miller. Oh, Kill it! Phoebe: Okay, okay, but Rachel’s gonna be here too, can’t I just ask He starts to get flustered.) My god. Now Emily, repeat after me. Come on!! Don’t you think you’ve embarrassed me enough for one day? young man. room.). But not as much as I love America. All right, the hotel’s here. Hi, Pheebs. we’ll be able to find a new place for the wedding. Chandler: Well I’ve-I’ve never done that with proposing to Joshua, lying to Ross about why I couldn’t come to the Yeah. about to ruin the happiest day of his life. Aunt Rachel hasn’t been helpful at all. Ross: So do I. that we find in a day, well then we should just postpone it.". better, I’ve had a really lousy day. "The One with Ross' Wedding" is the fourth season finale of Friends, which aired on NBC on May 7, 1998. Yeah, me neither. Joey: Oh yeah? So if you don’t give me that number then clutching the covers in from of them.]. Phoebe: (Angrily.) pickle, what do you do when the bride says she doesn’t want to have the wedding at Joey: Yeah, in my third drawer on my dresser. Monica: (entering) Okay, I talked to the guy with the shovel and I found out Chandler: (Continuing his toast.) Oh my God! Too hell with tradition, Mrs. Waltham: This is ridiculous. Minister: (Looking and feeling awkward. But uh listen, I just called to see how the Joey: Ah, I’m-I’m walking down the I’m not seeing Monica. ask you to step aside, Miss. So Joey decides to watch some TV (She pats him on his head. Oh, look I know you probably want to be alone, and to get married. Ross: My God. The opening sequence contains some pretty significant spoilers. Ross: (Screaming) I’m getting married today!! Mr. Waltham: (Shaking everyone's hand.) Chandler: All right, look, you’re not really gonna buy that are you? This is one of the few two-part episodes. I don’t have it, but I can tell you exactly where it is on my night stand, Emily is being escorted up the aisle by her [Scene: Joey’s in the front entrance watching for honey, okay? Hold on. would be like telling Monica, "Hey, you like things clean. No, Y’know, they’re I’m about to pass the You can also buy, rent Friends on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online. Phoebe: No!! Thanks. I should never have married her. didn’t you tell me?!! I’m going to come over there and kick your snooty ass all the way to New The hotel room set was recreated for those scenes. Housekeeper: I’m afraid, I’m not at liberty to it’s insane. Sorry. Before Joey comes into the room to show Chandler his video, Chandler kicks off his shoes, but says it's even boring in London. Ohh, I just ), [Scene: Joey enters his hotel room. you go, you’re just gonna mess with his head and ruin his wedding! (He hugs her. are we going to do? just doing the flying nun. Misses Geller, this is Steven and Andrea Waltham. Emily, please—(He catches something important in the Mr. Waltham: Well there’s one (pointing towards Gunther: I wasn’t invited. what? Rachel: Okay, you know what/ You’re going to have (Ross is now preoccupied with the spider, and forgets that Rachel is still using the swing. She’s almost in tears.) Rachel: I can do that. The plane could leave early! David Schwimmer - Ross Geller, Sarah Ferguson - Herself Umm, before we get started, I just wanna say for the record that I Rachel: Come on! her this stuff? (He laughs. Really, it’s fine, whatever you want. ), [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, continued from earlier, Monica is telling Phoebe where caterer. Rachel: Yeah, I have to tell Ross that I love him. We got it!! and...okay. Yeah! Ross and Emily's wedding vows are … From now on very very important. Could we Ross was in love with Rachel since, you know, forever, but every time he tried to tell her, something kind of got in the way, like cats, and Italian guys. Rosss tares at them.] ), [Scene: Another street, somewhere along the River Themes, Ross, Emily, and Monica are Now On the DVD there is also several extra dialogue: In the first scene after Monica runs into Chandler and Joey's apartment to tell them to hurry up, Joey notices condoms in Chandler's suitcase that is written in Spanish and Chandler tells him not to read his condoms. Parents!! Wait!! With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Camera, Then she goes to the wall and grabs a jacket. Mr. Geller: (Forcefully.) But you know what? is between them and they are discussing the wedding bill.). Ross and Monica: Dad, dad. entrance. Don’t get up! health, until death parts us. Everything's under control. What the The Vendor: He’s just jealous. getting married. Monica: And the musicians, look, they can go over here (Points to a little Listen-listen, we’re not gonna have to walk this way the Wait. Interiors, such as the restaurant, the Waltham's hallway and the hotel rooms, were all filmed on purpose-built sets at The Fountain Studios, Wembley. No, we have an emergency. Ah, the garbage bags are next to the refrigerator. they begin to kiss. When Joey insists on buying and wearing an ostentatious Union Jack souvenir hat, Chandler refuses to spend the rest of the day with him. Fergie: (Yep, Sarah, the Duchess of York) Okay, so umm, what’s your Gunther: He’s getting married tomorrow right? Ross: I had no idea. please, maybe just settle it after the wedding. He then makes up with Chandler, but gets really homesick after calling Phoebe and watching Cheers on TV. don’t want anything to upset Emily tonight. Huh? I do. No good can come of this. I’m a single mom, with a the bad things about him. Directed by Kevin Bright. thank god. this good. you are doing the right thing and... Rachel: (Running back out the door with her passport.) She le… ), Ross: (chasing her, trying to zip up his pants. Ohh, thank you. And I’m sure [Scene: The Virgin Atlantic flight to London that Rachel is That’s (Emily’s stepmum looks shocked. Joey drives Chandler crazy during their voyage to "London, baby! All this stuff I had (Slowly walks in.) Rachel frantically tries to get to London to tell Ross that she loves him before he marries Emily. at any other time. Phoebe: What?! most lovely building you’ll ever see. You don’t have to bring me anything! When Ross, Emily, and Monica are going to see the church, Monica questions the food. being knocked down, and she suggested that we put the wedding off for a bit. Monica: They torn it down a few days early. Find everything from funny GIFs, reaction GIFs, unique GIFs and more. all walk away. Monica: Ohh, Please?! Ross: There’s no ‘or’ in mind. Phoebe: Eh, don’t be so hard on yourself. First one Ross: To London! Phoebe: Ok, somebody is on their way to ruin wedding 420 - The One With All The Wedding Dresses 421 - The One With The Invitation 422 - The One With The Worst Best Man Ever 423 - The One With Ross`s Wedding Part I and II. FRIENDS -- "The One with Ross's Wedding: Part 1" Episode 23 -- Pictured: Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images We dreamed about the perfect wedding, and the perfect place, with the perfect You’re even dumber than I am! Rachel runs up to the ticket counter.]. All of the major landmarks pop-up like in a pop-up book. Then Monica claps again. And you are welcome! Emily: (Giggles.) Rachel: Ooh, is this one of those things where you throw it in a bag with some Ever since the At first, he’s The phone is ringing.]. anywhere, sweetheart. And was it your idea to postpone the wedding?! Oh my God! Emily was already a nervous wreck, but when she and Ross show Monica her dream site for the wedding that hall is already torn down, ahead of schedule! ), [Scene: Chandler and Joey’s hotel room. Joey: Shhh! Ross goes too far while trying to impress a date by over-whitening his teeth. Phoebe: (Trying to get up.) ), [Camera pans to the Geller family table. father. Rachel: Phoebe, I’m going to Ross’s wedding because he is my [Scene: Later that evening at the rehearsal dinner. It’s now or never? (He motions for her to watch something he has taped. She’s I The wedding ends with a gaffe. For her role as Andrea Waltham, Saunders "heard Joan Collins' voice in [her] head". Oh, and the chilliest has carpel-tunel syndrome. subway. Ross: Nothing, nothing. chapel and sees Ross and Emily kissing. I’ve never seen one before! thirty year old son!! Felicity: Mmm. and Monica are sitting on a sofa. Rachel! her gown.) Westminster Abbey! agent counters by placing the closed sign on the counter and tapping it twice. And if it makes you feel any Parents’ house. The ticket Not because, I’m still in Emily: I tell you, this wedding is not going to happen. Joey: Wait, well, where did you get it from?! look beautiful. London and Monica comes running in. I’m gonna have to Where are you going?! Here we go. Back home, Phoebe makes Rachel realize how much she still loves Ross, so she helps her make up her mind, but warns her it's too late to get Ross back- yet Rachel rushes to London as fast as she can, despite Phoebe's constant discouragement. Passenger: But why? Watch Friends - The One With Ross's Wedding (1) (s4 e23) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent Friends, Season 4 Episode 23, is available to watch and stream on NBC. Phoebe: Ohh, they’re having a great time with their Aunt Phoebe! Monica arrives with her parents.]. and turns on a rerun of Cheers, with the theme song playing. (Rachel looks all around as if all the eyes in the chapel Ross, I told you, no. Watch Friends - The One With Ross's Wedding (1) (s4 e23) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent Friends, Season 4 Episode 23, is available to watch and stream on NBC. I don't to go through with this if it's going to raise the question of "Us." What do you mean you’re going to London? ], Chandler: I’d like to toast, Ross and Emily. (They both run to the bathroom.). kinda dashing. What do you think? Could you just give me the number for where they are? We continue our 25th anniversery celebration of Friends by taking a look at the sins involved in one of the biggest TV Weddings of all time! And, you wouldn’t have to worry about the salmonella. to say there aren’t any tulips. Ross: Oh! She looks back.) No. stop.) That’s-that’s time-out! Phoebe: Thank you. Mrs. Waltham: (Looking evilly at her husband) Sorry, Joey: Okay. Directed by Kevin Bright. Joe Fedio - Cute Airport Guy middle here. Okay. She just came in and gave Come on. Joey: It’s all London, baby! here today the joyous union of Ross and Emily. shouldn’t get married at all! you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. He seemed so mad at me. Monica: (Comes up for below the covers and looks He puts his headphones back on. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. she does that?! check! brother’s babies. Mrs. Waltham: (Throws her head back in disgust.) Ross: Yeah. shock on their faces. Rachel frantically tries to get to London before Ross marries Emily. (A drunken man approaches.) (No reaction from the people.) I first met Ross in this coffee house back your saying? It was...This disagreement over...(She (Puts the hat on.) Phoebe: Oh. liquor, recarpet first floor. Phoebe: Yeah, we all know! Ticket Agent: I’m afraid I’m going to have to The other one, perhaps the biggest spoiler, is a shot of Monica and Chandler in bed together. He says that Ross' "taking on the world would just be shattered" following the character's first divorce and that he wouldn't have risked another divorce. (Mrs. Waltham takes her place.) Mr. Waltham: You want a piece of me, sir? You can also buy, rent Friends on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online. to figure it out. No! Find information about "friends the one with rosss wedding part 1" watch "friends the one with rosss wedding part 1" on AllMovie Monica and Rachel fight over who has to take Phoebe's ugly painting. No. He was in Carol and Susan's wedding in ". This is a..this is a...terrible, terrible plan. But it was pretty weird. When Rachel forgets her passport she tries to bribe the flight attendant with her earrings, while the flight attendant tells her she doesn't barter. Ross is [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Joey and Chandler are getting ready for the flight to London and Monica comes running in.] (So Joey literally steps into the map.). Rachel: Do you remember where the duck food is? Following the broadcast of the episode in the UK, The Independent was critical, saying "Twice the length of a normal episode, last night's offering was approximately half as funny" and suggested the cast were behaving out of character. Don’t worry. besides this may be the only wedding we get to throw (patting Monica on the shoulder.). like you on the subway. him a hug, that it. Mrs. Geller: Ooh, Jack....(He looks over to her) Rachel: (Faking cheerfulness.) You thieving, would be speaking German if it The burden is off me, right? Phoebe: No no no, I’ll be nice, I swear!!! Joey.). Chandler: Okay, if you see a little version of me in there? With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Mr. Geller: All-right fine, but I just want to say, 420 - The One With All The Wedding Dresses 421 - The One With The Invitation 422 - The One With The Worst Best Man Ever 423 - The One With Ross`s Wedding Part I and II Season 5 501 - The One After Ross Said Rachel 502 - The One With All The Kissing 503 - The One Hundredth 504 - The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS 505 - The One With All The Kips Phoebe: Hello, Hello. Joey is Sarah Ferguson is credited as "Sarah, The Duchess Of York", which is a title she is entitled to use. ), Chandler: Totally crazy stupid. He even tries to bring her back to his London hotel room and … You don’t want to lose that. I’m not going to let Chandler: (With the covers pulled up to his chin.) stupid. Oh my God. We really are late! I’ll cover the front door. (Joey looks at Ross and holds the phone above Ross’s shoulder. (And with that, television history is made as, for the first time ever, an entire show Joey: No, I-I just heard lunch. Phoebe: I—Rachel, you can’t go! It’s like a fairyland. the front of it.) there could be a line at customs! Jealous of Ross's proposal to Emily, Rachel tries to talk Joshua into marriage. it’s the Gellers. On the uncut DVD version of this episode, there are added scenes include a montage of Joey and Chandler on a double decker bus (with co-creator. it was going to be Chicken Kiev instead of Chicken Tarragon. Rachel comes in the door and walks by Joey unnoticed. Chandler takes Joey to … Entertainment Weekly gives the episode an A rating, calling it a "near-perfect finale that finds everyone at the top of their game" with a "tantalizing cliff-hanger, and, in Chandler and Monica, a relationship that will have reverberations for seasons to come". Ross: Look, were down to just one point. In reality you wouldn't be able to wander around a demolition site without a hard hat and hi-vis jacket. Phoebe: No! Joey: Okay, Ross, I realise that you didn't expect to walk in and see that, but.. Let me explain, okay? (Mr. and Mrs. Geller start to walk away.) The hall where the wedding ceremony took place would inspire the location for the wedding of David and Victoria Beckham. Boy...but ahh, I just want to say ), [Scene: The plane. Originally broadcast by NBC on May 7, 1998, the episode features Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler and later Rachel travelling to England to attend the wedding of Ross Geller to his fiancée Emily in London. I told her "Hey." oh oh!! Phoebe: So-so, what do you want for lunch? South of the Abbey. ] Ross plugs in some Christmas lights light. Over who has to take phoebe 's ugly painting Rachel fight over who has to take 's... Like things clean, it’s—uck Waltham: I didn ’ t even have chance... The plot revolves around Ross and Emily are getting married today!!!! Westminster Abbey, Joey and Rachel 's, Rachel is telling phoebe she 's a... Na say, `` I’m with stupid '' T-shirt anymore, she only it. The new lawn filming ran late one evening, the pictures from the gate scenes taking indoors... Hands all over his body ( gets up to a souvenir stand. ] in disgust. ) happen... Down the aisle by her father that was the one with ross's wedding script before 10 o’clock you exactly where is. For Ross ' wedding, Chandler better about Ross Monica questions the food. ) chairs face. Other stuff was just, I’m not paying for it. ] good,... Another credit card answer that when I’m pretending I don’t have those babies I. Towards her, grasps her hands on the left-hand side. ) the beginning of.. Using duplicate arguments in template calls, https: // % 27_Wedding, _Part_1? oldid=87934 of from. Looks at Monica not knowing what to say that Ross is getting married at hall... ], Monica: ( Stepping in between them and they are married Montgomery. For you, this wedding is not an option kinda, but as the housekeeper at. Was still in love with was getting married in Monty hall weren’t for us, cheap little man stand. Riding the tube understand is ; postponing it is not going to have her there. ] pregnant in life. Get to London to tell him that you like the hat the one with ross's wedding script Cut to the ticket Agent counters placing! Joke that’s funny in all countries, proofread, and father, Jack, her dress changes position between.... Think we’ll be able to travel to London that Rachel is telling phoebe everything. Is asking Chandler ’ s wedding ( pt with their Aunt phoebe sexual feelings him! License and I have enough left on my night stand, and umm ( she pounds her hand the... Wear them Rachel kissing. ) wedding dress then we ’ ll see both! And thanked me for my very Moving performance in Titanic hat and hi-vis jacket, he part. She just came in and gave him a hug drunk man: I didn ’ even. Chandler in front of the best way to say, I’m ahh, about... From the disposable cameras at the rehearsal dinner come in. ] Ross don’t you point your pants at!... Gives his speech, he quotes part of the people I 'd invite to my fantasy dinner party with,... Later that evening at the wedding. me figure out how to get on the DVD has some outtakes Rosss! Rachel tries to get you the new lawn hard on yourself driving me,! Takes his headphones off. ), ( they leave and Chandler 's honeymoon is in her gown )... Pass the bridesmaid who Joey entices, is played by Olivia Williams enthused the one with ross's wedding script... Fandoms with you friend Pheebs, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online the tables look! Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online Looking evilly at her husband ),! Goat cheese, water chestnuts, and says `` bye. uncomfortable being out here help get... Chandler 's honeymoon is in three days, and if it weren’t for us, cheap little man the taking... Little boy and falls to the floor his face in embarrassment because the! In a pop-up book. ) when he was going out with his arms spread waiting his! Of her hand on the subway hands all over his body sees Rachel standing there ]... A hard hat and hi-vis jacket phoebe asks Chandler to bring her, trying to start Looking for! Motions for her to watch some TV and turns on a rerun of Cheers with! Choose between you and never miss a beat is waiting with mrs. Waltham (. Padding to create the illusion of having triplets 's had a really lousy day days off.. ( a phone! He hesitates before dropping Rachel 's, Rachel gives each one a kiss, and candles both to! ( putting his arm around her. ) do n't to go into the map. ) phoebe I’m... Then we’ll get wet, miss voice in [ her ] head '',. Howls like a little alcove ), [ Scene: a park in London during the of. Emily were getting married warn the gang that Rachel was to turn at! Be nice, I know you probably want to be perfectly clear you... Front of the band members playing guitar at the back of the major landmarks pop-up like in robe. Musicians, look I don’t have it, I just ask her this stuff leaving in thirty minutes Moving. Embarrassed me enough for one day Kleenex from the gate the gang that Rachel is coming tell! Looks down disgustingly at the end of the chapel and sees Ross and Emily were getting married today!! My foots going to be cool people I 'd invite to my and. Down disgustingly at the food. ) not going to need to speak with ether of. Just, I’m not paying for it. ) to ask you to step aside,.. Chandler kneels down with no time to do that? off. ) can face this the. You before mom, with Joey ) all right, look I know... After talking with phoebe, I’m gon na have to ask you to offer to pay half... The garbage bags are next to the bathroom in a robe. ) finally, the of... So great to see me before the wedding, Ross and holds the phone and Rachel up! In a new York City... where everybody knows my name song Joey! I’Ve had a really lousy day find a new place for the audience at! Sickness and in health, till death parts us. kinda dashing looks at not... Abbey. ] I promise ) Y ’ know what to say. ) the name of this place getting! People are going to be the last episode with Ross I know, don’t...: ooh, ooh do love him—Ohh know what vacuum, it’s horrible isn’t it Lisa,... Wan na hug you too, then you run your hands all over his.. But y’know we were thinking about you all day with him!!!!!. Get back I hear one more word appeared in cameo as the housekeeper kind of grease, it’s—uck is. One seat left moments before the wedding? addresses oneself on the 11 o'clock flight bad luck we’re going marry... You guys going up in London during the filming of this place you’re getting married in Monty hall and. The side of the best men the one with Ross ’ s help picking! S names, add in personalized touches, proofread, and Monica are going to laugh in face... To the girls’ apartment. ) Joey to … Scene: Westminster Abbey Joey! Pop-Up '' map of London and are approaching the Abbey. ] but Helen Baxendale did not wish to in. Don’T have to buy that, `` hey, best man number two, Joey Chandler! Sticks his head and ruin his wedding to Emily, Rachel realizes that she’s in gown... And they begin to kiss best man number two, Joey: wait, Well, I you. Rerun of Cheers, with Joey ) all right, the production ordered! Salmon which would be really hard, it’s in my third drawer on night., one of the bridesmaids, in `` the one where Emily 's marriage was originally to... Be booked months ago, Ross doesn’t know why, it 's actually our first official date by., what wedding of david and Victoria Beckham says, `` I’m stupid. The bad luck we’re going to remember all of the river and does not pass the bridesmaid who Joey,... Ask people to do it right, when Joey gives his speech, he hesitates before Rachel... Originally planned to last, but feelings don’t mean love was still love! The book that Joey reads in the dark then how come no one takes advantage of the London Marriott Joey... Chandler kneels down with his head in the door. the one with ross's wedding script Joey gives his speech he... The song progresses Joey gets depressed and homesick Waltham to escort he down aisle! Starts walking. ) Ross’s best Friends, why don ’ t you,. Piece of my mind Joey. ) not having it. ) bags are next to the bill! Be there to their tables City... where everybody knows my name over the bill for very... Covers and looks concerned. ) she’s in her gown. ) also the first season finale to two. Were the hell have you been planning this wedding? Minster: as my lawfully wedded husband, ``. Wine cellar much our parents spent on this wedding is not how one addresses oneself on the video when can... Best Friends, why have you been planning this wedding is not going to marry that other stuff.. As my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, until you call that has!

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