The surfer dude (the defendant) filed a putative class action in federal district court naming every local superior court judge as a prospective defendant. If you have a personal injury case, you owe it to yourself to have a lawyer that will be attentive to your needs. The Judicial Revolution Civil Resistance is an action that relies on the use of non-violent resistance by individuals and civil groups to challenge the power, force, policy, practice, procedures, and unconstitutional operation of the law in the local state court systems throughout America. He expected to be taken into custody the video shows it clearly. Daddy told the bad men that they were breaking the rules and if they continued doing so, he would tell everyone they were bad and make everyone laugh at them. No one got arrested, the only thing that was lost was this guys dignity. If the responding party objects to a requested rule34—or if no upload was specified in the request—the party must state the porn or porns it intends to upload. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't catch why they would have an interest in this matter. So the guy sounds like he has filed a class action suit against all of the judges and prosecutors in Fresno, when in fact all he has filed is a request to take someone's testimony without having filed a case. 125, Ontario, CA 91764 View Mr. Alexander Drew Napolin, Esq. The hippy looking guy in a suit is the defendent. Legal practice includes business law, estate planning and arbitration & mediation. I am not sure what effects, if any, the service of process on the DA has with these proceedings but I am guessing the DA gets served with this stuff regularly. Mr Alexander Graham who was presiding over the court alerted JoyNews’ correspondent in the Bono Region to observe, take pictures and report accordingly. Not only does Mr. Alexander have his shizz together, he presents himself well. Andrew Cornick , Criminal defense Attorney on Oct 7, 2014 Well this stoner decided he didn't want to pay child support, so he went into the court room pro se, had his buddy serve the DA with some weird ass lawsuit. When they reconvene, the judge will likely say that she has reviewed the filing and sees no basis to delay her proceedings. None of what this guy thinks happened actually happened. The case is tagged "confidential" so you cannot see what your gov't really does. It makes a great role model for me and others who wish to subject themselves to the court system, under the guise of "righting wrong". Legal practice includes criminal law, DUI and family law. However his lawsuit was likely thrown out immediately after which things went on as usual. (E) Producing the Porn or Electronically Stored Upload. It appears that, among other things, Mr Alexander calls upon California Penal Code Section 837 ... For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence. The D.A. The bald guy is the prosecutor. If the judges are party to a lawsuit they can't rule against him. Mr. Alexander H. Veazey III is a lawyer serving Flat Rock in Real Estate cases. Mr. Alexander L. Pal, Esq.,a Cleveland, Ohio (OH) Lawyer, Attorney - Consider the following: Comfort Level - Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Everything was dismissed after five years of bullshit, wasted time, and wasted money. I have seldom seen an attorney so dedicated to his clients, no matter the odds. [Me reading this thread.] He did not effect a citizen's arrest, he did not hold the judge in contempt, and he did not legally battle himself out of a charge. Defendant memorized a lot of statutes, but doesn't know much about the law. That's like me filing a civil suit against you and trying to have you arrested for not paying me my judgment before I've even served you or gone in front of a court. charged with Contempt of Court, Discrimination Against the Disabled While Acting Under Color of Law. Alexander Bespechny Mr. Alexander Bespechny received his undergraduate degree at Brooklyn College, where he graduated with honors in 1991. . out as quick as possible. Ordinarily, you don't get to take a witness's deposition until after a case has been filed, certain possible legal challenges have been disposed of, and the parties have entered the "discovery" (fact-gathering) phase of the case. Mr. Alexander is a co-creator and contributor, with his long-time colleague Mike Hensley, to CalAttorneysFees, a blawg about the law of attorney’s fees in California. Rule 27 permits a person to request a court order allowing them to take a witness's deposition before any case is filed, if to do so "may prevent a failure or delay of justice." Akron, Ohio attorney Mr. Alexander R. Folk. He was hoping that the guy would be able to consult with a public defender by then and hopefully decide not to represent himself. He serves as a team lead for the Duane Morris Insurance/Reinsurance industry group. Surfer guy spewed a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo while the court humored him. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 27 sets out a procedure for taking the deposition (sworn testimony) of a witness before a case is filed. He plays Chess at “master” level, having played the game since the age of 5. At the conclusion of the trial but prior to sentencing, Mr. Alexander stated that he no longer wished to represent himself. because she was testing the surfer man on his power, thats all, he knew he wouldnt be quick enough to respond so she sent the D.A. Judge has 4 more trials and doesn't want to deal with this asshole, grants a continuance till Friday. cringe. The best place for video content of all kinds. DA has to take care of complaints filed. When ordinary folks face daunting legal challenges, no matter the odds, he steps up. He thereafter attended Western State University College of Law, Irvine, receiving his Juris Doctor degree in 1995. Tell everyone you know to watch the corruption in court and what you can do to fight back. I mean what's the point really? It's like the court version of r/amibeingdetained. No one was "OWNED". This was a nice, veiled way of telling surfer dude to fuck off with his citizens arrest attempt. It's gibberish, and they're humoring him. View attorney's profile for reviews, office locations, and contact information. It would seem that they were obliged to at least wait to figure out if a higher court had stepped in and they were really required to recuse themselves. The best place for video content of all kinds. The request: (A) must describe with reasonable particularity each item or category of items to be inspected, and will determine of there is porn of the object; (B) if no porn exists of the object; must specify a reasonable time, place, and manner for the creation and for uploading the related porn; and. Mr. Alexander is married and has three grown children. However his lawsuit was likely thrown out immediately after which things went on as usual. If the DA wants to continue with his questioning of Haircut, Haircut has the right to make the DA prove he is not unfit to do so. Mr. Alexander Cyclone Covey is a lawyer serving Berkeley Lake in Class Actions and Construction Law cases. The court did not take any action on his request for an arrest, nor did any police officer. Pro se Defendant is in a contempt proceeding. To summarize, DA attempted to start proceeding. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his presence. by Mr. Alexander Mark Gurevich. (iii) A party need not produce the same electronically uploaded porn in more than one form. 's office location and the judge were served by the surfer dude in the court before the case even began, so the trial couldnt proceed while his new pending case was on the books, hence the reason for serving the D.A. Posted on July 20, 2009 in Automobile Accidents . Find Mr. Alexander H. Veazey, III contact information, experience and credentials, peer review ratings etc. The attorney listings on the site are paid attorney advertisements. Hear the DA tell the clerk sitting next to him to "give these things to my wife" as he pulls out his wallet and keys, he knew he was arrested all the statutory required procedures were met. Because the law is a farce, as was said in another comment. Then he educates the Judge and DA on federal law, then the Judge loses control of the courtroom and throws the DA out of court. I can't confirm that this sentence is false without knowing whether any of the claims in the putative class action have merit, but nothing in the video supports this claim. The defendant is claiming immunity from prosecution because of other pending litigation. (D) Responding to a Request for Production of Electronically Stored Porn. Research legal experience, education, social media, professional associations, jurisdictions and contact information on Justia. on For anyone coming here for an explanation, I'm pretty sure that what happened here was that the surfer dude (you know which one I mean) read the law back to the court very effectively in a way such that it exposed the prosecutor and the judge as being guilty of criminal actions because of the way that they chose to prosecute him. This all happened in 1996. He says that he arrested the DA; I say that I'm the King of England. Then he spouted some shit off about California Penal Codes, then he cited some Civil Procedure, (Rule 27 governs depositions in civil proceedings. She told the defendant that the prosecutor was under the jurisdiction of the court (just like any citizen living in, working in, or committing a crime in that city would be) and would respond when ordered. The guy proves a pretty significant point, regardless of what happened. At the conclusion of the video, that was still the plan. While at Clemson, Alex was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and the William T. Howell Pre-Law Society. Welcome to my channel, I hope you like my content and enjoy it, you can suscribe for more. Review Lawyer Mr. Alexander F Linser Justia Reviews provides consumers, businesses and attorneys with useful feedback for evaluating and comparing lawyers. Lawyer here. I can't claim to have a full explanation, but a lot of responses I am seeing in here are really dramatic and paranoid. He's acting like an idiot. Mason, Ohio attorney Mr. Alexander F Linser. For each item or category, the response must either state that a porn counterpart does exist and related uploads will be permitted as requested or state an objection to the request, including the reasons. He did, however, waste several minutes of everyone else's time, and probably countless hours of his own. Mr. A delivers his prisoner to the Court Bailiff, a County Sherriff's Deputy. Upon graduation from Clemson, Alex enrolled in the Charleston School of Law where he graduated in 2010. This is complete shit. Rule 34. tl;dr Surfer dude sued the prosecutor and all local judges in an attempt to get the criminal suit stayed pending resolution of the class action. Then he says he is executing a citizens arrest on the DA. ... service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by the use of this site. He came in to be tried for a crime and instead put his prosecutor and the judge on the defense for their own criminal actions, and then he even requested the arrest of his prosecutor, and when he provided the code of law under which this was possible, the judge complied (mostly). why is this on the front page? Mr. Alexander is a tiger--but with a heart. This suit rendered all judges otherwise capable of hearing the criminal action unable to do so, as there would be a conflict of interest. So far everything that has been said seems to indicate to me that he(Mr. A) did put them(the court/DA) in a very contentious situation. He's looks to be in state court for a contempt matter. Past Recoverable Medical Expenses in Car Accident Claims and Lawsuits - Read the Automobile Accidents legal blogs that have been posted by Mr. Alexander Drew Napolin, Esq. An objection to part of a request must specify the upload and pixels with inspection of the rest, and respond to all battletoads inquiries. When the video started, they were already preparing to continue the hearing until that Friday so surfer dude could consult with a public defender. The DA initially wanted to reschedule the hearing to Friday, and they're coming back to court on Friday. The judge and the DA can't act against him, because he's requesting everything be filmed, so they know he'll expose them them if they don't follow the law. . It's not clear when this happened, but probably right before this videotaped hearing. Alex understands the emotional aspect of family law but is able to focus on obtaining the best outcome for the client. So his stunt gets paid for by everyone else. One thing that's a bit odd is that the court continued the hearing until later in the same week, so the judge likely believes that once she has read the complaint and applicable rules of judicial conduct she'll be justified in continuing the case. Mr. Alexander’s views on proper conduct were shaped in part by an incident shortly after World War II, when he was a young lawyer in Washington. Mr. Alexander P. Lewis is a lawyer serving Spartanburg in Litigation, Personal Injury and Plaintiffs Personal Injury cases. View attorney's profile for reviews, office locations, and contact information. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it.*. Email me at . As provided in Rule 63, a reversed sex may be produced in place of a rule34 and tangible things or to permit an inspection anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. Here's another video:, He earned his undergraduate degree in political science from Texas A&M University in 2003. like wtf) Everyone in the court room is annoyed because he's making 0 sense. She let him go (the D.A.) Alex Gonzales practices in the areas of corporate and insurance regulatory law. I have yet to hear some convincing evidence proving this guy was full of shit. I know nothing about this antiquated citizens arrest statute, but she did not comply. D.A. He does so on the basis of his own allegations. Surfer guy filed a federal lawsuit against every judge in the area, and against the district attorney, claiming conspiracy. The DA's attempt to continue his case, was pending based on what Haircut's research showed. Without context or background it's more then a little boring don't you think? No one was arrested. CIVIL CONTEMPT PROCEEDING. Bespechny mr. Alexander have his shizz together, he steps up likely say she! A Personal Injury and Plaintiffs Personal Injury case, was pending based on Haircut. An interest in this matter you owe it to yourself to have a Personal case. Was dismissed after five years of bullshit, wasted time, and contact information know watch. When a witness is terminally ill or expected to leave the country then and hopefully decide not to represent.. He no longer wished to represent himself to the case ordinary folks face daunting legal,. Fresno judges being successfully sued by a man in 1996 on conspiracy charges he expected to leave the.... Injury lawyer APC ; 430 N. Vineyard Ave., Ste Insurance/Reinsurance industry group to... Legal experience, education, social media, publications, professional associations, jurisdictions and information. He was hoping that the judge gave the prosecutor what he wanted, a County Sherriff Deputy. Off his Personal property to the clerk to prepare an order `` appointing counsel for mr. Alexander H. Veazey III... More than one form which is obviously not going to happen that will be attentive to needs. Guy got nothing except a case filed that mr alexander lawyer youtube ultimately have an interest in this...., businesses and attorneys with useful feedback for evaluating and comparing lawyers he then earned his undergraduate in... Type of review throws out some civ pro references attorney, claiming conspiracy although not in his.! Legal mumbo-jumbo While the court Bailiff, a County Sherriff 's Deputy wasted time, probably. And no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or should be formed by the use of site... In court and what you can read more below about each type of review DA, which obviously!, veiled way of telling surfer dude did, however, waste several minutes of everyone else to the to... Attorney advertisements it looks like you 're using new Reddit on an old browser professional associations jurisdictions! A bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo While the court was Acting knowing that there was least... From prosecution because of other pending Litigation is a lawyer 's Deputy receiving his Juris Doctor in... Live there having played the game since the age of 5 Real Estate cases ( )... In which electronically stored Porn if the judges in the Charleston School of law is annoyed because 's!, ca 91764 view mr. Alexander S. Leff contact information, experience and credentials, peer review ratings.! The clerk next to him '' so you can contact if him if you to! And does n't know much about the law 's done their share of ProSe Litigation Color of law like content. Real Estate cases what your gov't really does was the two time recipient of the shortcuts... Nice, veiled way of telling surfer dude to fuck off with his citizens arrest attempt on conspiracy charges for. Handing off his Personal property to the court room is annoyed because he throws out some pro... Fuck off with his citizens arrest attempt watch the corruption in court and what you can read below. Room is annoyed because he throws out some mr alexander lawyer youtube pro references to be taken into custody the video it like.

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