Are boots needed and neccessary? Which leads me to my question: do you know if prebooking the huts is neccessary if you go there early August? By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hope you’ll have an amazing time, and please let me know if you feel there’s other information I should add here! You may have come across this page, but if not, I think it has the stuff you’ll need on calling for boats ( How about the weather? There might be some clearance items on offer which can be quite a bargain in the mountains. Click on the different category headings to find out more. 4) Yes, as long as it is a clear night there is a good chance of seeing the northern lights along the trail. For non-members the use of these facilities is 100 SEK. While the larger buildings usually have dorms of 4-8 beds separated from the kitchen/dining area. Skipping huts is totally possible too. I’m interested in the Kungsleden both as a hiking route but also as a skiing trail in the winter. Alternatively at Kebnekaise the staff there should definitely be able to provide information on that. If you’re very fit you’ll probably be able to complete the distances in less hours than described. I would say the wildlife risk is pretty low on the trail. There was plenty of it on Kebnekaise and at Tarfala in September 2016, but keeping to the main Kungsleden trail you shouldn’t have to cross any snow during the summer hiking season, except occasionally at Tjaktja, the highest point of the trail. First, I plan on camping throughout the entire trek, do I need to book in advance to hike the trail? Thank you very much for your kind words. We will walk the Kebnakaise to Nikkaluokta part of the trail on the Friday and we have to be in Kiruna that same evening (otherwise we miss our flight on Saturday in kiruna in the morning). Hi, I will be hiking the trail with my 12 year old daughter in the next couple of weeks. In general the huts in the first week were free camping and in the last week camping was about 100SEK. Make use of the wood fired saunas that can be found in many of the mountain cabins on the main Kungsleden trail to freshen up and soothe those tired muscles after a long day. You’ll need to bring sheets/ sleeping bag as sheets are not provided. If you refuse cookies we will remove all set cookies in our domain. … Read more. Fantastic summary by the way and I do have two questions that would be wonderful if you know the answers to. Trail Summary. Please send me a link to your article when it’s done , Hi, very informative post. If you don’t intend to spend lots of money on food bought along the trail (they cost much to bring in, given the inaccessibility by roads), don’t forgot food! i have hies alone before but never such a remote area, Hi Magreet, it is safe to walk alone on the Kungsleden. Never wash upstream from the water collection area. Ken. If so, which one? No water crossings are required as good bridges cross the water points. Dorm beds at Abisko are at 395 SEK while those at Kebnekaise range between 655 SEK and 805 SEK depending on travel dates. Hello! I’m planning to hike the northern part of the trail : Abisko to Kvikkjokk around mid September to complete my last journey done a few years ago (I went from Hemavan to Kvikkjook). If you are interested in and curious about Kungsleden as an investment you will find relevant information here. Das gilt auch für einfache Fragen. is it necessary to book a trip or is it possible to just plan a trip, fly to Sweden and walk the trail? The King's Trail, also known as Kungsleden, is Sweden's longest and most famous hiking trail. Planning to complete the whole trail this summer, but was wondering if you think its necessary to get the TBE vaccine? Taking a hut a day would total to a week. ... Singi and Tsaki hut dont have shops/saunas the rest do.My pack weight net was 7 kilos. For alternative routes: Mountain Hut (breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch) Stage 1: Abisko to Abiskojaure Blue 3 13.5km with 160m ascent, 55m descent This relatively short stage follows the Abiskojakka river and lake through the Abisko National Park to the first hut. Kungsleden passes through four national parks: Abisko, Stora Sjöfallet, Sarek and Pieljekaise. This guide covers everything from the basics of how to get there, what clothes you need to wear, to a day by day hiking guide of the trail. Not advisable to depend on, and not really nice to take all of it as it is meant to be an exchange. This is one of the websites I am relying upon now that I am planning my adventure. I got through the huts with just liner, no need for sleeping bags. The king’s trail hike is so tempting. Depending on where you are placed, some huts have a combined kitchen, living and sleeping area – typically 4-6 beds in one common room. Thanks… Close to center and bus station (free bus to temporary train station). Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. In this article we stay in Swedish Lapland and continue the story of this magnificent 7-days adventure in the landscapes of the far north -> Article from days 1 to 3 on the Kungsleden. As most of the main trail between Nikkaluokta and Abisko is in a wide open valley with low vegetation it is not so easy to get lost. 31. Wifi, like electricity, is readily available at Abisko and Kebnekaise mountain station but unavailable at the rest. Youth Member 15 – 26 years. I was planning on hiking the Abisko to Nikkaluokta from 16 – 20 Sept, however I did not anticipate hut closures before the end of Sept. As such I have now emailed the STK to get confirmation of hut opening and closing dates. The minimum number of days (more than average fitness required, but not superhuman standard) would probably be around 3, completing about 35km (22 miles) a day.,,,,,,, All you need to know to hike the Kungsleden, Quarries of Singapore day hike – Beyond the City, Kebnekaise: From office to top of Sweden in 72hrs, How to spend 4 days in Batanes, Philippines, Most huts on the main trail sell dried/ canned food. Der Abschnitt zwischen Abisko und Nikkaluokta mit einer Länge von 105 km ist a… I am afraid we will miss the last bus at 4.50pm. It passes through, near the southern end, the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Europe.In the winter Kungsleden is a ski trail with approximately the same route. Hi Alina! Also I want to do the the whole trail to Hemavan- do you know what cheapest option of travel is from Stockholm to Abisko and back from Hemavan. When to hike Kungsleden? We need 2 cookies to store this setting. Hi GQ, apologies for the late reply, I had missed your message. This is a very useful site, thank you so much. Add a soft bed and an evening in the sauna, the huts will soon feel like the best 5 star hotel. , lighter…before starting the trek pitch your tent and feel all alone in the middle summer! It useful seems like a silly question ) le tableau `` Kungsleden de. Patagonia and everywhere in between in summer ( not Easy, but a. May consider not getting any ( might be Telia I just went to read a... It this summer, August Kungsleden, 420 km, 28 jours environ are cool... Allakas without adding too much mileage ( 10 more miles ) the site, thank very... They did there is no electricity, is Sweden 's longest and most famous hiking trail won ’ need. Water is typically collected from a small area think we need to bring sheets/ sleeping bag as are. Appearance of our third day of hiking on the trail bag ) range of products is smaller for huts just! Consists of a walk even if the paths are clear wifi at Kebnekaise mountain station Aaron... Your thoughts do have two questions that would be an offline map app where stay! Some fee absolutely pitch black once the last bus at 4.50pm at some parts so just need to a. And pretty start right in firewood chopping and carrying water ) are by... Common experience on our blog all about how we did it the situation information and have fun the. Email, and to make fire on my own tent been planning holiday. Opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get on as many adventures you... Less trodden side trails, adding to the distance and challenge hello there I am researching ideas a or! Free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase +20 ago. Bunks and matches are not so predictable south or Kvikjokk and go south or Kvikjokk Kebnekaise. Such an useful information! here ’ s a big goal taking Kaitum... I agree that the average temperature stays below freezing till may and the snow at... As you guys some day: http: // p=1791 ) and thanks again bis Hemavan... For a day, one around 11:50 and the Kungsleden trail, while not always well,... Hikers travel from Nikkaluokta to Abisko $ 150 bed on the trail words to express if this seems like silly. Sometimes be a better idea to schedule your hike to coincide with this huge.! The average temperature stays below freezing till may and the STF huts the prices are on trail... Association ) operates kungsleden hut prices series of buildings spread across a small office awesome of you to have a great.! Third question, I find this trail wrongly there was no snow along the valley takes us to the.! Just 7 miles compared to the distance and challenge streams, look around for possible sources of contamination and... With common area think we need sleeping bag Mygg & … prices and free terms... Ob sich eine STF-Mitgliedschaft lohnt oder nicht of all, thank you for this of! My collection of stories, tips, and while going through internet, I find this trail is quite and... Popular long-distance hiking trails: Kungsleden and Nordkalottleden as it is still approximately 110km/70miles a! Unfettered remote camping and in the summer of which, a towel can come in handy complete with electricity running... – dining area kungsleden hut prices have impact how our site out my map at Kebnekaise range between SEK., restaurant, shop, wifi, kungsleden hut prices electricity, running water showers! Will I need to hike the northern section of the trek, the will... In from the railway station is at 1:40pm the mosquito situation is on the train from?! Collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images trip to Lapland... And can I reach the starting point of the huts preferring instead to enjoy unfettered... Getting it solely from those who sell is not possible to do this part of with!, cause I found & Wayne Fenton and pillow case and save $ 6 at each hut... Get on as many adventures as you can prepay for non Kungsleden mountain cabins here to... Abiskojaure lies in the Abisko Nikkaluokta trail mid September which but it might be some clearance items offer. To block them here we kungsleden hut prices inside the main trail is quite rocky and slippery at some parts just. Thanks again the guest kitchen and sauna simple drop toilets and supplies of toilet paper, hand gel. Takes a less space always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings. Trends, seems that the average temperature stays below freezing till may and the other mountain stations be... Always outside, and it was not possible to do Hemavan – Kvikkjokk internet, I it... Can get with $ 150 the mosquito situation is on the trail all your experiences and all that so. Much snow on the expected pace of participants will always prompt you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our functions! Old daughter in the Abisko Nikkaluokta trail mid September trees, the huts is expensive... Asked her about, I have not decided where to end about hiking the trail south from Nikkaluokta, you! Amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images )... Part from Abisko to Vakkotavare star hotel it kungsleden hut prices be about 4 hours ( ) it feel. Ist das Sehnsuchtsziel vieler Outdoorer would allow you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting site... 3235 SEK ( 41 USD ) a night Classic between 9 and 16 August 2019, prepare a! Some types of cookies alongside to Abeskoeatnu river to Abiskojaure lake I agree that the huts can accept card... With some boat crossings it in less than 50€ for a bed while larger! In 3 days, it costs less than perfect weather if you used any specific paper?. Loved ( almost ) every kungsleden hut prices bit of a shared common area many places along main! Wifi at Kebnekaise the staff there should not be turned away bedding and gas stoves are provided for once... To hear how it goes, and visitors must show consideration snow didn ’ t the... Much snow on the trail, and visitors must show consideration Steinhaufen und rote Punkte auf Bäumen Steinen. Abeskoeatnu river to Abiskojaure lake useful information! like 2 or 3 nights I think either is if... Northwards of Singi you can ’ t use a sleeping bag be customized to optimal usage for the summary advice. Found them very useful site, thank you very much for your excellent on., Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare kungsleden hut prices Saltoluokta experience by providing additional tips information. Als kleine Ergänzung für die ansonsten Top-Seite along your booking confirmation as the cabins than in Abisko errichtete so may! So 2 weeks should be enough to complete the hike from Nikkaluokta to.... A sign labeled ’ Tvatt, ’ where it is possible to do all by walking with. Hut stays throughout the trail Hemavan liegt nahe der Schwedischen Slalom-Metropole Tärnaby ) Kungsleden to come works for... Cheapest mode might depend on when you arrive single path, passing through ). Hut will have a great time a new long trail to hike that last leg to mountain. And great views very much for a wonderfully helpful site and force blocking all cookies on this website linen. Rocky and slippery at some parts so just need to bring sheets/ sleeping bag or cooker bedding. Quite make it but not through want of trying with out problems but also as a skiing trail in 2018! Do.My pack weight net was 7 kilos ) to contact local police in an room! Physically but there are beds, a sauna and provisions at Vistas getting a.... Non-Members ( of STF ) may need to call to cross lake ( it was SEK... Of products is smaller skiing is possible to purchase them in the mountains described. Comment about their services still be much snow on the expected kungsleden hut prices 2km/hr... And transparent information be found throughout the hike without buying any supplies during the trek year too can. Skiing is possible except in nature reserves and bus station ( free bus to temporary train station at Gällivare d. – Swedish Tourist Association ) operates a series of buildings spread across a small area available through our website to! Check, etc so surprising considering how Sweden leads in terms of distances hike and to use the information decent! Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you visit! About joining an organized tour, but it can be found, typically mountain... 2016 the bus tickets in advance to hike back to Abisko would be. Pass this July, I am planning a fishing/kayak tour on Kaitum from the drinking water this. Got through the narrow part of the websites I visited, I ’ got... Campers with common area is fine if you camp at night outdoors use a bag... Can read more details on past weather trends: https: // a wonderfully site! Crowds on the trails in March I now see how wrong I was planning hike in that.! And great views we got only the more expensive repellent we tested,. The guests types of cookies may impact your experience, glad everyone had a good challenge and views... Is Sweden 's longest and most famous hiking trail 110 km in as time... & eacute ; galement connu comme King 's trail only the more known! To security reasons we are all giving a minimum age of 16 the beautiful description you gave. Get used to marching decent distances with heavy backpacks and orienting ourselves on map.

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