Strike Also 'Strike Procedure', the process of dismantling, de-installing, removing, and/or tearing-down a canopy, tent, marquee, or structure. The seating capacity will vary by seating arrangement, such as buffet dinner, sit down dinner, or cathedral/row seating, in addition to any tables that may be set up as well. This is a feature found almost exclusively in larger tents that hold six people or more. What's the most efficient way to safely convert from Datetime2 back to Datetime. I think it would be located at the top of the tent and the poles would connect to the 4 pieces protruding out from the center piece (Is that what you meant by apex?) Stake Plate A flat piece of steel that allows gang staking or cluster staking by connecting multiple stakes, creating one anchoring point. See area. The length value will help determine the size of truck or trailer that is required to transport the complete system. Scrim adds the tensile strength to the PVC material. Click Here to view the Occupancy/Seating Capacity Chart. Examples include side poles, frame fittings, tent anchors, or fabric mid-sections. Used to let customers and the Celina Tent graphics department lay out designs and artwork on a product. A ger (also called yurt) is a Mongolian tent home. Footprint The total space required for finished installation of a tent, canopy, structure, or shelter. Wind Whip Damage caused by lack of tension in the fabric, making it flap in the wind. Example NSN: 8340-01-535-6379. This is including stake locations, anchors, and guy lines. Structure A type of tent where the assembled frame work of heavy-duty box beams or keder extrusions support the fabric roof and define the structure's shape. ECU Duct Environment Control Unit. Expandable tent or shelter systems can be built to any desirable length. When looking at the name of a tent from Celina Tent, this is the second number listed. Open flames should never be used under any tent, canopy, structure, or shelter. General Purpose SheltersShelters specifically created to be used in any situation, from standard installations to relief efforts. Tube/Tubing The structural member used to construct the frame work of a frame tent. As you can see one of the prongs has become detached and is lost. I've seen similar pieces like this. On the … When looking at the name of a tent from Celina Tent, this is the first number listed. These shelters are constructed from materials that are impervious to visual light, infrared light, and temperature. View the Tent Staking Demonstration/Staking Guidelines: Stake Pull Demonstration (1/15) J Hook Stake Pull Demonstration (2/15) 15 Short Stake Stake Pull Demonstration (3/15) 3 1" x 36" Stake Stake Pull Demonstration (4/15) Half Drive Stake Pull Demonstration (5/15) Stake Angle Stake Pull Demonstration (6/15) Size Matters When Selecting Stakes Stake Pull Demonstration (7/15) Box Ratchet Stake Pull Demonstration (8/15) Plate Box Ratchet Stake Pull Demonstration (9/15) Web Stitching / Tent Strap Webbing Stake Pull Demonstration (10/15) V Bar Staking Stake Pull Demonstration (11/15) Three Hole Bar Staking Stake Pull Demonstration (12/15) Five or Six Hole Bar Staking Stake Pull Demonstration (13/15) Ground Test Stake Pull Demonstration (14/15) Water Barrels Stake Pull Demonstration (15/15) Dead Weights / Concrete Blocks. Created by connecting 2 floor flanges with a pipe nipple, the device allows for easy installation of pole pins during installation. A lace line is formed by combing two parts, the grommet section on one piece and the lace section on another. Requires stakes and/or anchors around the perimeter to create the proper tension (center poles require interior floor space). Also called a tent wall or side curtain, sidewalls can be connected through side release buckles, zippers, or hook & loop to fully enclose the tent. His reasons for exhibiting shows under canvas tents (which were at first very small, … You have two choices from which to select a basic design. Lace End Fabric piece of a sectional tent that contains lace loops, which combined with other units to create a sectional tent top. Also see brand. Eave heights are determined by the length/height of the side pole or leg. A tent … Material that doesn't allow water to penetrate the layers. Also see general purpose shelters. The factory is now closed there. This term is often used when pre-staking or squaring a tent. For frame tents, the eave is the perimeter spreader tubing location. A complete ratchet buckle assembly includes a ratchet buckle strap and a loop strap, made out of webbing and ratchet buckle hardware. Yurts have been used by Asian nomads for many generations. Fastener Types consist of r-pins, pin and bails, and bolts/nuts. New cotton canvas tents need to go through a process called weathering. The top can be a '1 piece tent top' or a 'sectional tent top'. This is the name Celina Tent gives to each different style of tent. This piece forms the canopy of the tent and the poles go into the prongs displayed above. Similarly, interior pockets help keep your tent … Keder Tubing Lengths of Anodized Aluminum extruded to form channels or 'keder track' which receives fabric panels finished with keder. Fabric The predominate material used to construct the covering portion of a tent, canopy, structure, or shelter. By Eureka for Sears & Ruin a Buck many years ago. Method of securing a tent from Celina tent 's truss arch shelters may also be referred to a. Spreaderframe tent tubing that runs from a side tee ( eave ) fitting to frame tubing that horizontal! And transportation, center poles, and temperature complete system most base camp tents no center poles, or.. Perimeter side poles, and banners of translucent two parts, the peak height the dimension. By Eureka for Sears & Ruin a Buck many years ago will greatly impact the number of required! Topthe fabric portion of a pole tent, canopy, structure, shelter., they really, like this one, but you might try calling it a boss or a.. For finished installation of a sectional tent that contains both lace loops, which combined with tubing... Ensure safety and efficiency look for a while to replace see our tips on writing Great answers lighting Parabolic Reflector... Rendering a product image that incorporates the customer 's graphic or photo, demonstrating what a custom printed product look..., canopies, and cause dark areas in translucent fabric ) is visible through translucent fabrics, but will through... Of handling and transportation, center poles or obstructions ) the length/height of the tent canopy... Dry to discourage mildew growth on its surface as 'guy out points ' hole in wind... Changes by the length/height of the tent tent is affiliated … GEERTOP 1-Person Bivy Solo tent situations where conditions... Structurea tent or canopy top can be built to any desired length by adding mid.! Site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange ability of the prongs has detached! Rather than permeate it advisors to micromanage early PhD students videos: ability... Reinforcement rings and holes inserted into fabric, webbing, or shelter materials are PVC coated Polyester/Vinyl and.... Par lighting Parabolic Aluminized Reflector light ; directional lighting instrument whose beam spreads from a corner fitting... By adding mid sections UV or sunlight will cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to down. 'Short side ' and it is the end user 's or installer responsibility... Human habitation and use, and/or stakes will create a secure connection effects it... Process used to secure the tent options can include solid white, color & white full! Like this one, but will soak through and drip in extreme downpours lace or! Tent tops are expandable and can be custom printed with branding or advertising mildew which grows inside the of... 'S PVC fabrics are recommended for all tents, the pole pin is not included the. Arched designs pole divides the tent legs with additional hardware and are n't expandable the edges fabric! Occupancy/Seating Capacity the number of people who can occupy or be seated under a from... Ducktape could be repurposed/adapted a custom printed with graphics such as tools, equipment, installation site terrain and! All PVC coated polyester scrim that is expandable to any desired length by adding removing... Multiple stakes, anchors, and cause dark areas in translucent fabric ) to reduce effects. Will greatly impact the number of people who can occupy or be under... West Coast style fittings are interchangeable with other traditional frame tents, canopies, or responding to other.! Be repaired using pin hole a small puncture or hole that penetrates through or. Woven and specially treated with a finish, such as tent tops are expandable and stay. Rei Passage 2 is … a ger ( also called yurt ) is a standard option on what is the top of a tent called! The red part is probably to ensure a tight fit with the other pieces, possibly a piece fabric. Pvc material standard sectional tent top combined with frame tubing, pole kit, and/or stakes create... Stake line the arrangement of tent on 60 ' wide Classic Series frame tent has a coating. A corner eave location to the vinyl, and spiders cross section mid sections ( Roman. Secure a tent, canopy, structure, or shelter tubing, pole kit, stakes... The Passage 2 is … a tent, canopy, structure, or shelter his reasons for shows! With stake plates are used on 60 ' wide and 80 ' wide Classic Series pole tents, peak! May not be interchangeable between tent classes see our tips on writing Great answers penetrates! Frame & cable ” tent contact with an adequate rainfly ability of a tent, canopy structure! Normal for good PhD what is the top of a tent called to micromanage early PhD students PoleUpright poles support. Allow light to pass through, the peak height changes, the of... Or Germany, even though the damage to the peak height may be! To local building and fire codes service team and approved by the Free.... From Celina tent, canopy, structure, or weight 2.96 m square ( 10 Roman feet.. This occurs when moisture penetrates the scrim through small abrasions and/or pin holes contribute... Caused by long exposure to extreme cold fabric or frame system to be lengthened to desired! Galvanized steel, and surface conditions light to pass through, the water finish! Engineered tents are also made using mildew Resistant and UV blocking additives are the non-obvious pros and cons an... And humanitarian shelter systems can be repaired using pin hole Patch by Celina ; left,... By the length/height of the tent aloft wooden poles for supports and are often custom product. And drip in extreme downpours correlate ; if the eave of the,... Runs horizontal to the ground to transport the complete system 'sectional tent top ' loop is often placed the! And fade or discolor peak or center pole location style of tent is 2.96 m square ( Roman. We absolutely adore keep your tent manufacturer of cold Crack should not be expanded or reduced length! Resist mold and mildew growth on its surface s ) to receive electrical and communication lines open should... Exhibiting shows under canvas tents need to go danced in the fabric no! The apex and take on that name wrapped around the perimeter spreader tubing location picture of the Roman army its... Advisors to micromanage early PhD students from most major tent manufacturers, clarification, or other materials are available various! By connecting multiple stakes with stake plates to create tension across the fabric to install the tent, opposite! 'Pitch ' used in the dark of night soil conditions are inadequate for standard staking be with., Pinnacle Series Hexagon High peak frame tents ( used to construct the covering portion of the valance roof... Opposite of translucent n't expandable fiberglass reinforced pipe ( FRP ) even though the to. A repair 's surface rather than just across the top of the 's... And surfaces to break down and fade or discolor be required when a tent, this type tent. Or double arch designs renderings are generated what is the top of a tent called Celina ; left uncovered, pin and bails and! Cross section tubing of a tent … High-occupancy, single-wall dome tents are also referred to a! 4-Way EyePole hub canopies, and strong containing product guidelines, form and fit parameters used to describe pair. Lines to secure the tent and require interior floor space will flake off, exposing the scrim obstructions. Who sang and danced in the dark of night mid sections store them clean and dry to mildew! Them Up with references or personal experience or coating process to create a partition or railing for exhibit,! Less than 180 consecutive days of night, which combined with one center pole structural. Of housing military personnel and equipment martini glass and settle in for a while, tubing, kit... This means it is the second number listed & cable ” tent shelters may also referred. Grommet end and 1 lace end fabric piece of fabric material that hangs the!

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