Today, we introduce a Summer School series of webinars titled ‘Leadership in Testing – Test Management with or Without Test Managers‘. The webinars present lessons to test managers, but also to testers accountable for the testing in Agile teams.

If you have to take the lead in testing, these classes are for you.

Test management activities happen whether there is a manager responsible or not and these webinars focus on the things that are part of every test approach. Paul Gerrard takes a no-nonsense, logistics-free approach to expose the universal principles of modelling and coverage, how much testing is enough, the need for planning, the what and why of documentation, the use of tools, and so on.

The lessons are modular and are supported with a workbook that provides suggestions for further study. Every lesson has assignments that, for example, suggest you talk to managers, stakeholders and peers to better understand and embed the thinking introduced by the lessons.

There will be SIXTEEN lessons in the series. It is a semester-length course in testing for leaders who need to think for themselves. The live webinars will be hosted on Zoom. The webinars recordings will form part of a comprehensive course in Test Leadership on the Gerrard School on Zenler.

You can book each Webinar individually, but there are definite advantages to booking the whole series at once.

Book every webinar and gain access to Leadership in Testing course which includes the article series on which the course is based, bonus videos of questions raised (FAQs) in the classes and a ‘Further Study Workbook’ to accompany the lessons.

The webinars will run every Thursday at 4pm GMT with the first Webinar taking place on Thursday 18 June.

If you miss a webinar or cannot make the regular time, the recordings will be made available within 48 hours for you to catch up. You may still post questions to be answered in bonus videos hosted in the online course.

Individual Webinars


Live Webinar
Access to webinar recording (30 days)

Complete Summer School


16 Live Webinars
Access to “Leadership in Testing” training course for 1 year including:
16 webinar recordings
16 downloadable eBooks (c. 50,000 words)
16 bonus webinars answering your questions (FAQs)
Further study/workbook for each lesson


Here are the sixteen lesson topics. Titles are fixed, but agendas are provisional, for guidance only, and may change:


  1. Stakeholders, Goals and Testing
    • Starting from Scratch
    • A definition of testing
    • Testing needs Stakeholders
    • Know your Stakeholders
    • What if my Stakeholders aren’t Interested?
  2. Defining Test Strategy
    • Process, not Ceremony
    • Test Strategy Helps Decision-Making
    • Separate Thinking from Logistics
    • Test Strategy
    • A Test Strategy Framework
    • Shifting-Left
  3. Modelling and Coverage
    • Models at the Heart of Testing
    • What is a Test Model?
    • Models and Coverage
    • Models Simplify but Use More Than One
    • Using models to Manage Scope and Coverage
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Estimation and Progress Monitoring
  4. Risk
    • Definition(s) of risk
    • Quantitative measures
    • Qualitative assessment
    • Using risk to prioritise
    • Using risk to scale
  5. How much testing is enough?
    • Compromise
    • Prioritisation
    • Negotiation
    • Managing expectations
  6. Documentation
    • Why documentation?
    • Documents as plans
    • Documents as records
    • Deciding what to document and why


  1. Planning
    • What resources are required?
    • Estimation in the small and large
    • Assumptions and Dependencies
    • Risks and contingent actions
  2. Execution
    • Are you ready?
    • Reporting success and failure
    • Events dear boy, events
    • Are you done?
  3. Testing as a Team
    • Testing as an activity, not a role
    • Developer testing
    • Relationships with developers
    • Motivating testers
    • Working with outsourced teams
  4. Service Testing
    • Load/Performance/Capacity testing
    • Resilience/Failover testing, disaster recovery etc.
    • Support and System Management
    • Functional testing with load


  1. Infrastructure
    • Developer environments
    • Test environments
    • Infrastructure testing
    • Large-Scale Integration
  2. Tools
    • Tool architecture
    • Buy, build or open source?
    • Implementing tools
    • ‘Test’ automation
    • Analytics
  3. Test execution tools
    • Test execution automation
    • GUI test automation
    • API and service test automation
    • Test automation frameworks


  1. Enterprise business process assurance
    • Understanding systems integration and testing
    • Horizontal testing: the E2E testing approach
    • Integration risks and E2E testing
  2. Your test management career
    • Testing evolves and so must you
    • Adapting to new technologies
    • Adapting to projects and processes
    • (Test) Assurance
  3. Next Generation Testing
    • Influences on testing
    • Rethinking testing
    • The new tester perspective
    • Test (execution) automation
    • What does it mean for testers?
    • What does it mean for test managers?