Over the Summer, we presented a Summer School series of webinars titled ‘Leadership in Test – Test Management with or Without Test Managers‘. The webinars presents lessons to test managers, but also to testers accountable for the testing in Agile teams.

We have edited the recordings into sixteen hours of online training, available here.

If you have to take the lead in testing, these classes are for you.

Test management activities happen whether there is a manager responsible or not and these webinars focus on the things that are part of every test approach. Paul Gerrard takes a no-nonsense, logistics-free approach to expose the universal principles of modelling and coverage, how much testing is enough, the need for planning, the what and why of documentation, the use of tools, and so on.

The lessons are modular and are supported with a workbook that provides suggestions for further study. Every lesson has assignments that, for example, suggest you talk to managers, stakeholders and peers to better understand and embed the thinking introduced by the lessons.

The Leadership in Test course which includes the article series on which the course is based, bonus videos of questions raised (FAQs) in the classes and a ‘Further Study Workbook’ to accompany the lessons.

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