How does Digital Affect Testing?

The scope of Digital spans all the new technologies including mobile, the Internet of Things, Drones, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, sensors and actuators of all descriptions and Virtual or Augmented Reality. It really is – everything.

The change that Digital forces on testers and Assurance is profound:

  • We need to re-think how we approach testing so that we achieve levels of confidence in very challenging circumstances.
  • We need short-cuts to create tests at volume and this requires both superior modelling skills and tools that support modelling too.
  • We need our testers to skill up. They need to presume that they test functionality at scale and with tools almost all the time. The days of manual testing in Digital are numbered.
  • We need our testing to align precisely with definition and development processes – to Shift-Left, to embed and align with developers, to be indispensable partners in the thinking, development and testing processes.

The New Model for Testing is an attempt to identify the distinct thought processes involved in exploring sources of knowledge and the system under test and to scope, design and select meaningful and valuable tests of systems.

The key to better testing is not better process or more sophisticated tools. Rather it is the interpersonal, communication and thinking skills of testers. If the role of Assurance is to increase the chances of Digital System success, then the person or team doing Assurance must acquire and exhibit the very best of those same skills.

Digital Assurance Consulting

We provide the following range of services in Digital Assurance:

  • Test Architecture and Strategy – we can help you to distribute test activities across a Continuous Delivery or DevOps process between developers, testers, operations and users
  • Test Automation Strategy – we help you decide what blend of test automation tools and processes are required to achieve Digital success
  • Team Coaching and Mentoring – the Digital team owns their processes and tools, but also needs support and gudance in shifting from a staged to a continuous culture
  • Training – we help your team to come to terms with DevOps, Shift-Left, Shift-Right and Continuous Delivery approaches; to embed and align with developers, to be ‘more technical’, to be indispensable partners in the thinking, development and testing processes.

Our Approach

We have delivered testing and assurance services since 1992 and have a reputation for innovative independent thinking based upon an honest open relationships with clients. Our clients tend to have difficult or unusual problems that involve issues of scale, culture, technical strategy or implementation, for example. These cannot usually resolved using simple off the shelf solutions.

Free Diagnosis Workshop

Assignments are usually initiated with a FREE Diagnosis Workshop. We offer to spend a half-day with the right people in your company to explore the problem you have or to figure out a way to solve it. You might have a project that needs a strategy or resources or perhaps there’s a quality problem or you want to reduce your dependence on manual testing and use more tools; you might be transitioning to a DevOps regime and need your testers to get more technical.

If we are able to help, we will prepare a costed proposal for services to support your goals.

What we Offer

Every assignment is different, but the pattern we tend to follow is:

  • Given a clear understanding of the problem, we will provide an honest and comprehensive appraisal of your current situation.
  • We will identify a range of practical, viable opportunities for improvement, transformation or change of direction.
  • We will provide a roadmap for implementation and a costed implementation plan,
  • We will support the implementation through coaching, mentoring and advice, and/or provide an assurance role to ensure implementation goes smoothly.

Advisory and Leadership Roles

Paul has a track record in providing advisory services to executives and practitioners in the software field. He is currently a member of the TestPlant Technology Advisory Board, for example. Paul was the founding Chair of the ISEB Testing Certification scheme through which hundreds of thousands of testers have acquired a qualification. He was a member of the working Party that created the first general-purpose Testing Standard BS 7925. He was the Programme Chair for the Testing and Finance Conference in 2011 and for the 2014 EuroSTAR Conference. He is the Founder and Host of the UK Assurance Leadership Forum and Linkedin Group.