Gerrard Consulting has been delivering testing and assurance services since 1992 and we have a reputation for innovative independent thinking based upon honest open relationships with clients. Clients come to us with problems that are not easily resolved using off-the-shelf or packaged solutions. We continuously refine our services that support the successful delivery of software projects. Our Principal is Paul Gerrard who has in excess of 30 years of software development, testing and consulting experience. Our financial control and administration is managed by Julia Gerrard...


Our Services

Digital Assurance

How does Digital Affect Testing? The scope of Digital spans all the new technologies including mobile, the Internet of Things, Drones, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, sensors...

Training (and Speaking)

Popular Courses (onsite) Assurance Management (1 day) Problem Solving for Testers (1 day) Test Modelling and Design (1 or 2 days) Python Programming (for Testers) (2 days) Course Enquiry Form...

Coaching and Advisory

With more than thirty years experience in the software development, testing and consulting business, and a track record of innovation and leadership, Paul has a lot to offer as a...


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