1.2.5. Limitations of evaluation or testing licenses. If the Product is licensed to you on an evaluation or trial basis, you may only use the Product for such purposes, until earlier: (a) the end of the evaluation period, if any, specified in the Order, this EULA or otherwise by us at the time of delivery; or (b) the start date of a paid license for the Product; or (c) termination in accordance with the terms of this EULA. You may not extend the evaluation period by uninstalling and reinstalling the product(s) or by any means other than our written consent. You should not use the product in a production environment. You must pay a license for the Product at our then-current license price if you continue to use the Product, whether in a production or non-production environment, after the expiration or termination of the evaluation license, and the terms of the EULA in effect at that time apply to your continued use of the Product. A Product licensed to you for evaluation or testing may be subject to one or more restrictions on use set forth in Section 3 (Product Family Terms), Section 4 (Product Specific Terms), ordering, or otherwise at the time of delivery (including displaying such limits at the location where you download the Product for evaluation). We may, in our sole discretion, decide to provide maintenance and support for the Product during the Evaluation Period and include conditions or restrictions for such maintenance and support. You must not circumvent any technical restrictions contained in the product licensed to you for evaluation or trial purposes. 1.9.2. Conformity of the product with the Documentation. We warrant that the Product will conform within six (6) months of delivery (in the case of an on-premise Product) or for the term of the license (in the case of a Hosted Service) in all material respects of the applicable documentation.

Your exclusive remedy and our sole liability for any breach of this warranty is that we will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly correct the non-compliance (provided that you notify us in writing during the warranty period and grant us a reasonable period of repair). If, in our sole discretion, we reasonably determine that a correction is not economically or technically feasible, we may terminate your license to the Product and provide you with a full refund of the fees paid to us in connection with the Product (in the case of an on-premises Product) or a refund of the prepaid fees for the unused portion of the License Period (in the case of a Hosted Service). Delivery of additional copies or updates of the product will not be restarted or the warranty period will otherwise be affected. 1.8.4. Orders between you and our authorised dealer. .