Making applications available on widely distributed sites requires more than just extending the network to any site. If you`re spread across multiple locations across the country, the connectivity, reliability, cost, support, and performance of fiber-optic video, voice, and data services are critical to success. With so many critical factors, we know you need the support of a team of experienced experts who act as a seamless extension of your existing IT department. Multi-site companies have unique and sometimes challenging communication and connectivity requirements. Sometimes, these unique needs create opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction through the use of technologies to consolidate services. While in other cases, the requirements lead to a very complex network architecture. Whether you want to provide voice, data, internet, or video services to a multi-site business, the best approach is to consider the requirements of your business as a whole. You will find a complete list of contractual products and services under the framework contract. Seamless collaboration across sites starts with a consistent and reliable Ethernet connection. Our high-capacity Ethernet solutions deliver secure and predictable wide area network connectivity so your business runs at business speed. Faster visions and better performing customers start with a dedicated and powerful fiber optic network, designed for business-critical applications, data, and the cloud. .

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