Brette`s answer: A man who does not exercise his visit has little chance of obtaining custody. In general, no court is given custody of someone who has decided not to be in contact with their child for 6 months. Britt asks: My ex and I currently live in two different counties, and I asked the court to grant every other weekend and a few nights a week. He wants to have it from Monday to Thursday evening (so that he can avoid family allowances). I have a problem with the schedule, because it will be two different daycares that he will attend, later school, and it is difficult for my son when he comes back from his fathers to adapt. I don`t feel like he would have a stable home and a stable environment if he went back and forth between homes and schools. The specific temperament, age and needs of the child should also be taken into account. Can it prevent me from enrolling my child in school? It`s important to agree on a routine that works for everyone and takes into account several things, like both parents` work plans, your children`s school plans, their extracurricular activities, and even driving considerations, if you live more than 30 miles apart Katerina`s question: My daughter has lived with me Monday through Friday and every other weekend since she was 1. Her father sees her every Wednesday for a few hours and every weekend. She is now 5 1/2 and is about to start kindergarten at the school where I enrolled her. Your dad wants 50/50 custody, but he lives east of LosA and I live in Orange County. .