1 EXCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT USER MANUAL 1. This form has been designed to comply with the Property, Stock & BusinessAgent Act 2002 (the Act) and the 2003 Regulations (the Regulations) which began on 1 September. Failure to comply with the law and compliance with proper procedures may prevent the agent from recovering his commissions, fees and expenses and/or sanctioning the agent for violating the law and regulations. The agent should be able to explain the agency contract to the client. 3. All parts of the form must be completed. An omission may lead to a defective commercial agent contract that allows a client to evade financial liability to the agent. 4. A licensee may delegate its authority to an employee (certificate holder or licensee) to inspect the premises and sign the agency contract. However, the licensee must supervise the holder of the certificate or licence in accordance with the monitoring guidelines issued by the Fair Trade Office. 5.

The commercial agent contract must be signed by both the agent and the contracting authority and the copy, known as Principal s Copy, must be served on the client within 48 hours, in accordance with the law and regulation. Otherwise, it could result in a loss of commissions. 6. The licensee`s licence number shall appear on the intermediation agreement. When the agent acts as a limited company, the license number is the license number of the company if, as an individual entrepreneur, it is the license number of the agent, if it is as a partnership one of the license numbers of the partner. 7. The mediation contract must contain written instructions containing the scope of the contractor`s powers with regard to the management of the leased premises. 8. This is an exclusive management agency contract. The agent must ask the contracting entity whether the client has signed another agency contract with regard to the management of the premises concerned.

If this is the case, the contracting authority should check whether the first brokerage contract is still relevant, which may mean that the contracting authority is responsible for paying more than one commission. There may be the possibility that more than one tenant will sign a lease, i.e. by you and another agent. It is recommended to contact the customer before registering a tenant. 9. A premises inspection report must be completed as soon as possible after the conclusion of this contract. The practical approach encouraged the finalization of the inspection report by completing the status report of the residential tenancy agreement. A copy of the completed test report must be dried to the customer. (Note: a pro forma inspection report is available inside).

10. GST i GST is paid by the agent to the ATO in respect of the provision of the agent`s services under this agency agreement. The agency contract provides that the agent has the right to recover the GST from the client. ii In accordance with ACCC guidelines, all amounts referred to in this form, including fees, expenses and expenses, are expressed in GST inclusive. iii Where the rental costs are calculated as an amount on the basis of weekly rent, the form must be completed as follows: iv If the intermediary incurs costs in connection with the provision of property management services such as advertising and telephone costs, these expenses are considered taxable benefits, even if the costs are in the hands of the GST agent. When recovering payments, agents should deduct the input VAT credit received from the initial expenses and then add the GST when ordering from the payer. Example: shipping cost of 9.90 USD, agent can claim a pre-tax credit of 90. The agent calculates the customer $9.00 plus 90 GST, for a total of $9.90. v If the fees are paid by the agent as the representative of the client and the account is directly addressed to the client, the agent must transfer the account to the client without adding any other GSTs (e.g.B. tax on the owner company, repair and maintenance accounts). . .