I wrote to tax tenants for two months that the rent would go up, and they wrote to me four times that the increase was not consistent with other properties in the area. This goes against the evidence that I have gathered myself. They have now hinted that they want to leave and, for some reason, I am trying to denounce the agreement. Why does the owner say two months` notice? The civil law requirement for a tenant is that there is a one-month delay. Is he confused because he has to give you two months` notice? If you give a month`s notice and move, it should take you to court small claims for the last month`s rent, but I don`t see that this would be a success, since the normal termination is one month. However, check your consent, make sure you didn`t agree to say so. You have to write a licensing agreement. A tenant has a minimum of rights – the main thing is the right to a reasonable termination that could take a week – but it is something that needs to be negotiated with your tenant. They should ensure that the agreement must distribute the rent, the payment terms, how the incidental fees should be distributed, if the visitor tenant is authorized, all prohibitions (such as smoking in the house), the premises that the tenant can use. Make two copies, one for your tenant, one for you, and both should sign both copies. I suggest you buy a rental book. The contract clearly stated that three parties were involved and signed the agreement and that each party could break with a one-month delay after six months. I own a property that was once used as a commercial property, but has now been converted into residential use.

I found a tenant who wants to use it as her main residence, but as she is also a fully qualified therapist, she wants to be treated by reflexatirat from the premises. Can you tell me if this would be allowed by me or if I would allow it and, if so, what kind of lease would be required? Explore with a lawyer, as this could be considered a hybrid apartment and a commercial rent. If it is a rental agreement, the tenant cannot be happy about the continuation of a transaction. It`s better to have a lawyer to look at it. We have a one-year lease with our landlord with a six-month break clause.