Here are some of the collective agreements that cover our members. Members will find a copy of these agreements in the Members only section, under special messages. From 01.09.09. 2019, there is no longer the Employee Family Assistance Program. Please refer to Morneau Shepell`s UA Canada wellness program, the Member Assistance Program (MAP). For more information, click here: strengthen the ability of our open-shop competitors to manage projects with the denK skills of AU members, thus reducing working conditions and our ability to guarantee good collective agreements in the future. This allowed us to catch up with our market share and ensure 85-90% of all management, maintenance, distribution and renovation (Dig-up) work in Canada. In addition, we have many major pipeline projects in the future and we recently signed a five-year agreement that contains the highest base interest rate and benefits in Canada! Get rid of the names to rent in our rooms do just for all members so maybe the guys won`t skip the fence that will be sitting on the board watching the same guys go to work all the time, because he`s a relative or friends of the company manager etc. Why don`t you post my original article? Why is my initial contribution not yet on hold? The AU has to deal with it when people leave for a reason. solve the underlying problem. Members who deliberately supply the open store sector or travel from the province with a travel card “in their shoe” know full well that they penalize those who follow the rules. Similarly, it is important that they 254 locals have passed a motion, that if a member works for C L A C, they would not be tolerated in full compliance with local UA members who work in the open-shop sector.

Together, UA Canada and our AU Locals are launching a coordinated effort to find and treat unscrupulous members. Normally I don`t learn to post on blogs, but I would like to say that this letter forced me a lot to leave and do it! I was surprised by your taste for writing. Thank you, great article. And what about the members of the AU Local who feed courses of shops and modules open in areas like Sherwood Park and Nisku Business Park? They occupy this page while other members legitimately detached from the AU work on trade union sites, a stone`s throw away. These are non-union companies that are catching up with TFW, not us. That`s why UA Canada needs to grow up. The more members we have, the more work we will have. if it did, the AU residents make it way too difficult to come again, I have spoken to a few owners and they tell me that they really have no interest in hiring “from the bank” as their always the same people, they would prefer to look out, but the union makes it very difficult and creates unnecessary resistance for them to run the business.

I agree 100%.