I guessed “A.” ooh! I thought it was a simple puzzle for a Sunday. I think sometimes a setter and I share the same general vocabulary. This puzzle inspired me to look for DOWN EAST, which I`ve always wondered, because Maine is obviously Up East on a map. Now I know… Maybe. 1 Small Mercedes Limousine: A-CLASS 7 Golf Match Equalizer: HANDICAP 15 Less risky: SAFER 20 Light: BLITHE 21 Cheerio relative: SEE 22 Yearn for: CRAVE 23 ants in the British colonies? : CONTINENTAL ARMY 25 Drove at Indy: RACED 26 Attempt agreement: I GUESS SO 27 Baton Rouge-to-Jackson dir.: NNE 28 “Great” Russian czar: PETER I 29 Sun Devils` sch. : ASU 30 Updike`s “Rabbit Redux”, z.B.: SEQ 31 immortal tennis: ASHE 33 Dull opening? In: DEE 34 Gp. with a three-finger salute: BSA 35 Listing: ATILT 37 Fish at the fair? : CATHOLIC SCHOOL 41 Baroque painter Guido: RENI 42 Elvis sings in “Blue Hawaii”: ALOHA `OE 44 Sarcastic “So Sad”: BOOHOO 45 Lions Marche? : PRIDE PARADE 47 Cataract Surgery Replacement: LENS 48 Green-Lights: OKS 50 Edmond – Count of Monte Cristo: DANTES 51 Water Body: MER 52 Fiscal execs: CFOS 54 Pape Skill: HOLY SEE 57 Reason for a Star: HEROISM 61 Juno, on Socrates: HERA 62 Punk subgenre: EMO 63 Whales` sosehr: TWO PEAS IN A POD 67 Goof: ERR 68 Pringles Alternative : LAY`S 70 Nestlé Candy with White Cover: SNO-CAPS 71 “should have listened to me!”: I TOLD YA! 73 Cool, in the 90s Slang: PHAT 74 LAPD? : LOS 75 Ladies during Spanish: SENORA 77 Pale – ALE 78 Dilute: THIN 80 Wolves from Lower Manhattan? : BATTERY PACK 85 things to avoid: TABOOS 87 Rangers Domains: FORESTS 88 Wild Plum: SLOE 89 Bats live in an old Chrysler? : PLYMOUTH COLONY 92 Whoopi Rolle in “The Color Purple”: CELIE 93 VCR key: REC 94 degrees in mathematics: NTH 95 Tinged: HUED 96 Editor Qualifier: IMO 98 NBC Show since 1975: SNL 99 Rating: EVADES 101 Be in service at, as combat station: MAN 102 Dna sequencing research assistance: GENE MAPS 105 Father SIRED 106 Ravens sail from Ethiopia to Egypt? : MURDER ON THE NILE 110 Orson Scott Card Protagonist – Wiggin: ENDER 111 Documented: ON RECORD 112 Swimwear Fabric: TRICOT 113 Bref: TESTY 114 Closed Ecosystems: BIODOMES 115 Net Value Component: ASSETS The most famous part of the work is the trio section of Mars No.