Q. What information is collected? A. Gas/fuels used; Miles traveled; mechanical problems Quick stop/start; speed of 5 mph or more above the speed limit for a period of time; empty working time The location of the vehicle The use of gas cards using a state vehicle; How long the vehicle will last others. Q. Why do we need to know?A. Create open communication with employees. The devices may already be in some Fleet State vehicles. Telematics for all vehicles from the GJ21. Potential impact on staff. Any questions about your department`s current policy are addressed to the Agency`s fleet coordinator or staff representative. Beware of national politics, Q. Why do we need a policy to address this issue? a. The use of vehicles in the national fleet is a national practice.

uniformity of staffing requirements. Ensure the safety of staff and citizens. Reduce the cost of repairs. Q. Who has access to this information?A. Employees of the State Fleet; Division Fleet Manager; State Office of Risk Management or Agency Human Resource Personal. Q. How many vehicles currently have this equipment?A. More than 2,100 public utility vehicles and more than 500 Fleet State vehicles are equipped with Q telematics devices. Does this directive include law enforcement vehicles?A.

Yes, all vehicles owned by the state and under the authority of fleet management. Q. What is the power of the mandate to install telematics on public vehicles and why?A. DPA/Fleet is the legislative authority for the centralized management of the fleet according to programmatic requirements. (C.R.S. 24-30-1101, Part 11). Telematics is the only effective way to continue to provide information for the more efficient and safer operation of fleet vehicles. Q. Are the exception thresholds pre-defined? Do fleet coordinators have the option to modify them according to the requirements/functions of the companies? B for example the “downtime”?A.

Yes, they are by default, but your agency can adapt them. Q. Why are telematics installed?A. Electronic connection devices (ELDs) are currently required in all commercial vehicles. LTLs are a requirement of the federal Department of Transportation; (49 CFR Part 395) depending on the state`s telematics program. It is currently installed in all state commercial vehicles. Telematics devices are used by State Fleet to improve vehicle efficiency, manage and reduce maintenance costs by early detection of system problems and improve the environmental impact of our fleet by improving the mechanical function, efficiency and use of Q fuel. How do I get the sticker/sticker if I`m not already installed on our vehicle?A. Contact sFM under DPA_SFMTraining_Support@state.co.us Q. Why do we have to tell our supervisor if we receive a paid ticket or an accident, if our driver`s license is withdrawn or limited for personal reasons or if an illness that affects my driving rights occurs?A.

The state requires you to have a valid licence to operate a state vehicle; Restrictions on your licence may affect your ability to use a state vehicle; The state must be able to check for problems to ensure that you can use the vehicle safely not only for your own protection, but also for other employees and citizens; Hr should also check whether the accommodation can be accommodated in tasks; The operation of a vehicle without a valid licence or without any restriction may lead the employee to be liable for damage to state property and to any citizen who may have damages as a result of the state driver`s liability.