This attitude of non-repulsion has led to a number of unresolved problems, including the situation at Dellwood High School, the situation at Elliot Elementary School, long-standing problems with our parapterators and educational therapists, and various other pressing concerns that this union must address urgently and appropriately by the Department of Education. She called on the union to “engage with our students and parents and publicly give them assurances that there will be no more school days lost if the Ministry of Education and BUT members work to resolve any problems.” In the coming weeks, there may be several challenges if we follow the many health and safety protocols put in place to ensure the safety of staff and students. As you prepare to receive students in school buildings on 14 September, the Union will put in place a system that will allow your Executive Reps to follow your concerns and suggestions that you share with your school administrators. In this way, we will be able to help you in your work through the intricacies to promote a smooth transition. Adaptation may not be concise, but together we will strive to ensure that good practices are maintained and implemented in the best interests of all of us. The statement came the following day that the GOAL reprimanded the Ministry of Education for its handling of its members` concerns. The union said on Tuesday that two last-minute meetings had been postponed that day. She added: “Because the actions taken this week by the staff of this school on Monday and Tuesday did not follow the procedure described in the collective agreement, the Ministry of Education appealed to the employment agency. Members of the island`s teachers` union broke their collective agreement five times this school year, the education commissioner said today. “The agreement defines the procedure for addressing concerns by the Ministry of Education and the timetable for that.” The GOAL said the action was triggered by the resignation of two substitute teachers who had been assigned to work at the school until 27 March. Ms.

Richards said the labour office had approached the union and the Department of Education to request a meeting. She added: “This week is a total of five times if MEMBERSHIP in BUT violated its collective agreement.” She added: “If there is an individual or collective concern of teachers or employees, the GOAL has been asked to follow the appeal process described in its collective agreement. Dellwood students were dismissed early Monday after teachers took union action. The GOAL added in a statement: “These are examples of the Department of Education`s lack of coherence and commitment to the management of the GOAL in relation to the interests of teachers. She added: “I can assure our parents that the Ministry of Education team will commit to meeting with teachers and BUT after school, if problems and/or problems need to be resolved.” Ms. Richards stated that the step was necessary “given that, since the beginning of the school year, there have been three previous cases where AD members have not followed the appeal procedures.” Ms. Richards said the students were suffering from school education, which was “deliberately disrupted.”