New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool

Last month, I presented a webinar for the EuroSTAR conference. “New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool” can be seen below. To see it, you have to enter some details – this is not under my control, but the EuroSTAR conference folk. You can see the slides below.

The value of documentation prepared in structured/waterfall or agile projects is often of dubious value. In structured projects, the planning documentation is prepared in a knowledge vacuum – where the requirements are not stable, and the system under test is not available. In agile projects – where time is short and other priorities exist – not much may get written down anyway. I believe the only test documentation that could be captured reliably and be trusted must be captured contemporaneously with exploration and test.

The only way to do this would be using a pair tester or a bot to capture the thoughts of a tester as they express them. I’ve been working on a prototype robot that can capture the findings of the tester as they explore and test. The bot can be driven by a paired tester, but it has a speech recognition front-end so it can be used as a virtual pair.

From using the bot, it is clear that a new exploration and planning metaphor is required – I suggest Surveying – and we also need a new test process.

In the webinar, I describe my experiences of building and using the bot for paired testing and also propose a new test process suitable for both high integrity and agile environments. The bot – codenamed Cervaya™ – builds a model of the system as you explore and captures test ideas, risks and questions and generates structured test documentation as a by-product.

If you are interested in collaborating – perhaps as a Beta Tester – I’d be delighted ot hear from you.

The slides can be seen here: