New Model Testing at the BBC

The BBC asked me to pitch an ‘interesting talk’ to an audience at the BBC Radio theatre in Portland Place, London. The BBC was running a Digital Open Day aimed at recruiting people. My contribution was an introduction to the New Model for Testing and you can play the video here. Except you can’t as they seem to have withdrawn that and many other videos, for some reason.

So try this version that was a talk I gave in Minsk, Belarus. Scroll to 24 minutes if you don’t want the whole context.

By the way…

It was quite a thrill to be on the stage of the Radio Theatre. When I was a kid, I used to avidly listen to the BBC Radio 1 ‘In Concert’ live shows on a Saturday night. I just discovered that the BBC have catalogued these shows (and many others) here: As you can see, there’s a stellar list of performers.