LinkedIn Group: Test Assurance

Test Assurance is an evolving discipline that concerns senior testing professionals. Unfortunately, there isn’t an industry-wide definition of it. Even if there was one, it would probably be far too vague.

This group aims to provide a focus for people who are active in the space to share knowledge, but also to senior folk who are looking for a potential career ‘upgrade path’. By and large, test assurance pros are expert in tests, but sit above the fray. Their role is to assess, review, audit, understand, challenge testing but not usually to conduct it. That is (as was written in one of my TA briefs)…

Test Assurance has no responsibility for delivery.

TA as an engagement might be a full time internal role in one project or a programme of projects, engaged from the beginning and with a scope of influence across requirements through to acceptance testing, performed internally or by suppliers.

A variation of this role would be to provide oversight of a project from an external point of view. In this case, Test Assurance might report to the chair of a programme management board – often a business leader.

But an alternative engagement might be as a testing trouble-shooter where a (usually large) project has a ‘testing problem’. A rapid review and report, with recommendations, presented to at least project board level is the norm.

There are wide variations on these themes.

So my question in this discussion is – what is your experience/view of Test Assurance? Let’s hear your comments – perhaps we can create a TA scope or terms of reference so we can define the group’s focus.

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Do join us.