Regression Testing – What to Automate and How

This was one of two presentations at the fourth Test Management Summit in London on 27 January 2010.

I don’t normally preach about test auotmation as, quite frankly, I find the subject boring. The last time I talked about automation was maybe ten years ago. This was the most popular topic in the session popularity survey we ran a few days before the event and it was very well attended.

The powerpoint slides were written on the morning of the event while other sessions weere taking place. It would seem that a lot of deep-seated frustrations with regression testing and automation came to the fore. The session itself became something of a personal rant and caused quite a stir.

The slides have been amended a little to include some of the ad-hoc sentiments I expressed in the session and also to clarify some of the messages that came ‘from the heart’.

I hope you find it interesting and/or useful.

Regression Testing – What to Automate and How