27 Test Environments not enough?

I was in Nieuwegein, Holland last week giving my ERP Lessons Learned Talk as part of the EuroSTAR – Testnet mini-event. After the presentation, I was talking to people afterwards. The conversation came around to test environments, and how many you need.

One of the big issues in ERP implementations is the need for multiple, expensive test environments. Some projects have environments running into double figures (and I’m not talking about desktop environments for developers, here). Well, my good friend said, his project currently has 27 environments, and that still isn’t enough for what they want to do. 27 didn’t didn’t include the test environments required for their interfacing systems to test. It’s a massive project,needless to say, but TWENTY SEVEN? The mind boggles.

Is this a record? Can you beat that? I’d be delighted to hear from you if you can!