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Services with SaaS: Our Journey

The nice folk at Aspire Systems asked me to contribute a talk to a webinar they are running on November 15. The webinar presents things to think about in migrating to SaaS. My contribution describes our journey from being a testing services company to offering services (and not just testing) through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We didn't start off as an ISV of course, but we encountered many of the challenges facing ISVs.

(Quiet) Launch of Maelscrum and Business Story Manager

I've been very quiet on the blog front for some time. Here's the reason why...

Last week we launched TWO new tools offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). You can see details of Maelscrum here: and Business Story Manager here: (The paint on these websites is still wet - we're building video tutorials for the tools right now.)

Testing and Finance 2012 - Call for Papers Ends 30 September

Good news! The European Testing and Finance conference is coming to London on 16-17 May 2012. It has run very successfully in Germany since 2005 and the organisers, Diaz & Hilterscheid, are promoting this to be a pan-European event and basing it in London. The website is

We are delighted to say we have been asked to Programme Chair the conference and we are looking forward to creating a fantastic event with Jose Diaz and his team.

Changing perceptions of exploratory testing

It seems to me that, to date, perceptions of exploration in communities that don't practice it have always been that it is appropriate only for document- and planning-free contexts. It's not been helped by the emphasis that is placed on these contexts by the folk who practice and advocate exploration. Needless to say, the certification schemes have made the same assumption and promote the same misconception.

This site is changing

Welcome to the Gerrard Consulting website. If you have visited us before you'll notice that the layout of the site has changed and that the links and some of the menu options have been moved downwards to the right of the page.

The same content is here, only the links have moved.


Eurostar European Testing Excellence Award

I am proud and honoured to have received the Eurostar European Testing Excellence award for 2010. I’m particularly grateful to Geoff Thompson who proposed me, Graham Thomas who encouraged Geoff to put the effort in and my business partner Susan Windsor for putting up with me. Of course, I would like to thank the friends, colleagues and customers who provided references for the submission. Needless to say, I also owe a huge debt to my wife Julia and family.

To be singled out for the award is very special but I want to emphasise that I am part of a large community of testers. It is an honour to be associated with such a group of people in the UK, Europe and worldwide who are so generous with their time to challenge and to share their knowledge. In this respect, Testers seem to me to be unique in the IT industry.

Thank-you all once again.

My first Prezi - Axioms of Testing

It seems like Prezi is all the rage. As a frequent presenter, I thought I'd have a play. So I took some of the early text from the Tester's Pocketbook and created my first Prezi. Not half bad. I'm not sure it's a revolution, but sometimes, anything is better than Powerpoint.