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Top 10 Books for Testers

Huib Schoots asked me to name my top 10 books for testers. Initially, I was reluctant because I'm no fan of beauty parades and if an overall 'Top 10 Books' were derived from voting:


  1. The same old same old books would probably top the chart again, and
  2. Any obscure books I nominated would be lost in the overall popularity contest.


So what's the point?


Story Based Testing and Automation

Did you know? We’re staging some webinars

Last night, we announced dates for two webinars that I will present on the subject, “Story-Based Test Automation Using Free Tools”. Nothing very exciting in that, except that it’s the first time we have used a paid-for service to host our own webinar and marketed that webinar ourselves. (In the past we have always pitched our talks through other people who marketed them).

New Tutorial: Test Strategy in a Day

This tutorial suggests that rather than being a document, test strategy is a thought process. The outcome of the thinking might be a short or a long document, but most importantly, the strategy must address the needs of the participants inside the project as well as the customers of the product to be built. It needs to be appropriate to a short agile project or to a 1000 man-year development. It has to have the buy-in of stakeholders but most importantly, it must have value and be communicated.

Live Specifications: From Requirements to Automated Tests and Back

Many thanks to the Eurostar folk allowing me to present the webinar, "Live Specifications: From Requirements to Automated Tests and Back". This talk describes how we think companies can implement continuous delivery and live specifications using the Behaviour-Driven Development approach and redistributed testing.

Business Story Method and Platform Awareness

The Business Story Method and the Business Story Manager Platform provide an approach to software development that is powerful, effective and a natural way to work.

We are running free half day briefing sessions in central London on 9th and 16th January and we'd be delighted if you can join us.

Business Story Manager Tutorial: Analysis Module Part I

This video tutorial for the Business Story Manager product is in two parts.

The first few minutes shows a short presentation of the approach to managing business roles, personas, requirements and stories. The remainder of the video demonstrates the Business Story Manager facilities that support the core Business Story method.

Specification by Example is not Enough

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk that included a couple of slides that focused on the idea of Specification by Example and how it cannot be relied upon to fully define the functionality of a software solution. I thought I'd summarise it here while the thought was fresh in my mind and also because Martin Fowler recently re-posted a blog originally published some time ago.

How BDD can fit the corporate culture

Last Friday, I was happy to present to the Skillsmatter Agile Testing and BDD Exchange at 'The Crypt'. Thanks to Gojko Adzic for inviting me and chairing the day.

You can see the video of my talk here. Afraid Skillsmatter don't allow embedding the video.